Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways Grounding Planes During Covid-19

The prosperity of British Airways can be confirmed when the company generated more than $1 billion on a single air route in a year (from 1 April 2017, to 31 March 2018, on the New York-JFK – London-Heathrow route).

Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

The prosperity of British Airways was ongoing until CORONA-19 struck in the latter months of 2019. It was a shock to China alone but the advent of 2020 made Europe and the United States of America accuse China of allowing the corona virus to spread to their territories. The disease went on to paralyze the transport systems of the world including the grounding of British Airways.

Just like the flames in the picture above, fire fighters have failed to extinguish the fire that is burning the economies of the world including the grounding of the British Airways planes. Most politicians are watching helplessly the harmful impact of the COVID-19 impact on their countries’ economy. Workers retreat to their home with or without paid leave.

Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

For some workers, they wonder how the hell they are going to survive during the lock down in the midst COVID-19. Other workers know that the probability of going back to their cherished job may not be there. Some workers may enter into depression because of the gloomy picture that the pandemic is pausing.

Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

By the way, who says going on unpaid leave or loss of job is the end of the world? Please, do not despair. There is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of Wealthy Affiliate.Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

As the above banner for Wealthy Affiliate shows, you do not need a credit card to start creating an online business of your own. Become a Free Starter member of Wealthy Affiliate and you shall be on your way to building a successful business online. Started by Carson and Kyle in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has taught many entrepreneurs how to build their own online business and have managed to churn our members’ who are financially independent. Here is just one example of a member encouraging the new members’ inside the members” area of Wealthy Affiliate:

You can create a six figure income website as outlined by a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate here:

How To Create a 6 Figure Website

Last Update: May 19, 2018,

Affiliate 1208

I’ve struggled online and know how frustrating it is to work your butt off and not see results (My first year I didn’t make a dime). I also know what it’s like to build a successful niche website and see it disappear overnight because of a change in Google. I know what it’s like to get back up after something like that to make an even more successful website in a short period that’s Google penalty proof.

My two and half years in internet marketing has seen some ups and downs but I’m finally completely confident in my abilities and have a very good idea of how to be a success online. You can read more about my experiences inside the members’ area.

I’m creating this guide to help anyone frustrated and not seeing any results.

If you’re one of these people, I have very good news for you. It’s way WAY easier than you think. My strategy is basically free and takes about 6 months to see results.

In this training I’m going to show you everything I’ve learned in the last 2 and a half years all the way from niche selection, to keyword research, to writing your content, to optimizing your content and additional tips and resources to guarantee the best rankings possible.

You should have all the tools you need after reading through this training to build six figures website in less than 18 months and you may get there in less than a year.

What’s A 6 Figure Website?

There’s two ways to look at this. The first is to actually make 6 figures a year which is a little over $8,000 a month. The second is to look at the overall value of a website and how much you’d get it if you wanted to sell it.

Typically, you’ll get 20 to 30 times you monthly income if you sell your website. So a website making $3,000 a month could be sold for anywhere from $60,000 to $90,000.

Right now my website is earning around $1200 a week (which is around $5,000 a month). It only took me 6 and half months to reach this point and my last website got up to around $2500 in 6 months.

I’m currently at the second version of 6 figures but should be making over $7,000 a month pretty soon.

There’s Only Two Things I’m Asking From You

The first is you have to at least be done with the third course in the training here at Wealthy Affiliate before reading through all this. You need to know the basics and fundamentals of affiliate marketing to understand my training and I won’t be going over the small things you learn in the training.

The second is to go through everything in this training before messaging me and asking me to help or to look at your website. I understand you’re eager to make money but I’d prefer not to have to go over something that’s already in this training. If you need clarification or help after you can feel free to message me and I’ll help you out with what ever you need.

Overview Of My Strategy

My strategy is very basic and it’s almost identical to the one taught here at WA. The only difference is I write lengthy “best of lists” with the year (An example would be “Best toaster ovens 2018,”) instead of individual reviews.

There’re many reasons I like these posts better and I’ll go over more about why in the training. Just know a single best of post, when done right, can bring in thousands of clicks a month and thousands of dollars a month. My website only has 35 “best of” posts and I’m getting about 40,000 clicks a month and $5,000 a month. That’s pretty good bang for your buck.

Here’s a break down of what’s in the training:

  • Choosing a niche
  • Finding keywords
  • Finding products
  • Writing your best of posts
  • On page seo
  • Additional resources to help you

It all starts with niche selection and that’s where we’ll start.


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How To Create a 6 Figure Website

Last Update: May 19, 2018,


Affiliate 1208

Niche Selection

Alright, you’ve come to the conclusion you want to make six figures online. In order to do this and to use my strategy you’ll need to choose the right niche.

Here’s what I look for in a niche:

1) Must be fairly broad and not too narrow.

2) Must have at least 50 best of posts I can write and preferably best of posts with the year that get traffic.

That’s basically it. If you want to read all my thoughts on choosing a niche, click here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co

Some people try to make this way more complicated than it has to be but follow those two suggestions and you’ll be fine.

Just so you’re a hundred percent sure about this I’ll show you how to do this.

First go to Amazon and click the departments tab on the left and under the search bar. It’ll bring you to this page: https://www.amazon.com/gp/site

If you clicked that link you’ll see that Amazon basically organizes things in different niches. There’re large departments like home and garden, electronics, automotive, sports and outdoors, beauty and health. In each large departments there’s subgroups too, like bed and bath, furniture, pet supplies, home theater, musical instruments, etc.

Any one of these niches has 6 figure potential and for the sake of this training we’ll look at Kitchen and Dining.

Click this link to look at the kitchen and dining section: https://www.amazon.com/kitchen

They organize everything into keywords!

Are they the keywords we’re looking for, though? Go to the next section to find out!

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How To Create a 6 Figure Website

Last Update: May 19, 2018,


Affiliate 1208

Keyword Research

There’re many reasons I prefer to write best of posts instead of individual reviews.

Top reasons include:

1) I find it easier to write to a 300 word description of 10 to 15 products in one post than 1500 words about a single product in an individual review.

2) Best of posts bring in much more traffic than review posts. I have best of posts that get 6,000 clicks a month. When you write the best of post you end up ranking for a million different terms and not just the original keyword.

Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

3) Best of lists with the year are easy to rank and attract motivated buyers. These keywords are extremely low competition and if you follow the advice in this training you’ll find it pretty easy to get page 1 rankings for each one. A lot of times you’ll get top 5, top 3 and sometimes number one overall. People looking for the most up to date products tend to want to buy too.

These keywords can be a little elusive to find, though, but once you understand how to find them you’ll see them everywhere.

Let’s take Kitchen and Dining for example. Go back to this link: https://www.amazon.com/kitchen

Click the small appliance section and it brings you here: https://www.amazon.com/b/ref=l

Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

You’ll see these sections: slow cookers, microwave ovens, food processors, rice cookers, blenders, juicers, contact grills, ovens and toasters, compact refrigerators, counter top burners, ice cream machines, waffle irons, deep fryers, bread machines, coffee machines, tea machines, express machines, wine cellars, electric griddles, electric skillets and on and on and on.

Let’s check each one in the free keyword tool at WA.

1) Best Slow Cookers 2017: searches, 387 competition: 60 (VERY GOOD KEYWORD)

2) Best counter top microwaves 2017: searches 387, competition: 25 (VERY GOOD KEYWORD)

3) Best food processors 2017: searches 274, competition: 26 (VERY GOOD KEYWORD)

4) Best rice cookers 2017: searches 128, competition, 51 (VERY GOOD KEYWORDS)

You see where I’m going here?

Each one of those keywords work and this is just the small appliance section! We haven’t gotten to bake ware, cookware or dining.

Here’s why I say each of those lists has potential to bring thousands clicks a month too:

1) Best slow cookers 2017: searches 387

2) best slow cooker 2017: searches 103

3) best slow cooker reviews: searches 187

4) slow cook reviews ratings: searches 136

If you write a “Best slow cookers 2017” post and do it right you’ll rank for all those terms too.

Go through the kitchen and dining section and you’ll find hundreds of keywords that work and get a lot of traffic. There’s more than enough for a six figures website and there may be enough there for a 7 figures website.

Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

Also, sometimes I’ll write the best of post that doesn’t have the year but is specific. For example, best “product” for kids, best “product” for women, best “product” for men, etc.

Now you want to find the right products for each section. This might surprise you but you DON’T want to just type in best slow cookers into Amazon and use the products on their first page. The first page of Amazon tends to be cheap products. You’ll want to research products on different retail sites and then find them on Amazon. We’ll dig deeper into this in the next section.

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Finding Products

I’ll repeat what I said in the last section: Don’t just take the products on the first page of Amazon. These products tend to be cheap and you’ll be leaving commissions on the table if you use them.

Let’s say you want to find the top 15 slow cookers. Here’s what you should do.

Go to Google and just type in slow cookers. You’ll see the first result is Walmart. Click that and it brings you here: https://www.walmart.com/browse

All you want to do is find the Walmart top sellers on Amazon and create a link for them. You’ll notice that on the top it organizes slow cookers into under 3 quarts, 4 to 6 quarts, and 7-8 quarts.

If Walmart took time to organize it this way it’s safe to assume they did that for a reason.

When you go to write your “Best Slow Cookers 2018,” post I would organize it the same way. The first section I would do slow cookers under 3 quarts (do top 5), then the second section I would do 4 to 6 quartz (top 5) and then I would do 7 to 8 quarts (top 5).

Click the under 3 quarts section and it brings you here: https://www.walmart.com/browse

First one is the Hamilton Beach 3 Quart slow cooker. Let’s check if it’s on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=n

It is! There’s many versions of it too. Personally I would link to the one with the most reviews, which is this one: https://www.amazon.com/Hamilto

This how you’ll want to find each product. Always go to Google and type your keyword in without the word best or the year. If you’re going to write “best drip coffee makers 2018,” go to Google and type in drip coffee makers. Look in the Google Search results and look at the ads before Google search. You’ll find the best products and make the most money this way.

Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

Here’s my last tip when finding products. Get your products ahead of time before writing your posts. I’ll do product research for 5 different keywords in one day. For the next few weeks I’ll write the product descriptions of what I came up with. It’s much more efficient to do it this way and you’ll get more done, per day.

Speaking of writing, that’s what the next section covers. You’ll see exactly how to rank these keywords on Google page one and how to write them so you get the most sales.

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How To Create a 6 Figure Website

Last Update: May 19, 2018,


Affiliate 1208

Writing Your Best Of Posts

You have your niche. You found some awesome keywords. You even found a bunch of quality products to link to.

Now it’s time to write.

Here are the rules for writing the best of post:

1) You must write at least 3,000 words per 10 products. My last website (I was still inexperienced) I wrote about 1200 -1500 words per 10 products and got hit with the Google Fred update in March. This update penalized websites that aggressively monetized and having so few words and so many affiliate links fit that description. Overnight my posts went from page to 1 to page 5 and I went from $2500 a month to $200 a month. Ouch. Now I write 3000 word, 4000 word, 5000 word and up to 7000 word posts and make double what I did before.

Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

2) Write in a breezy, conversational tone. Use the word “you” a lot. “This slow cooker is a product that I know you’ll love. It’s packed to the brim with a bunch of great features and is high quality. You’ll really appreciate what this slow cooker can do for you if decide on it.”

3) When you mention a feature or benefit make sure to also add how that feature will help the person. Don’t just say a slow cooker has easy to carry handles. Say “this slow cooker has easy to use handles. Because of this you’ll be able to carry this product around without spilling or burning yourself which is the last thing you want.”

4) Add a short buying guide before you get into the products (500 to 800 words). Just quickly go over the top 3 things to consider when choosing a slow cooker (Google how to choose a slow cooker for ideas).

5) Add a link to the product on Amazon after each description. You can just put “take a closer look at this and that slow cooker” and link that or you can go here: https://dabuttonfactory.com/ and make a call to action button. When you add the button to your post just put the link in then.

So here’s how it would look for “Best slow cookers 2018,”

Short intro (100 to 200 words).

How To Choose A Slow Cooker (500 to 600 words). In this section you can add a YouTube too. So find the top 3 things to consider when making the selection and then add a video at the beginning or end. You don’t want this section too long but just enough to give the reader enough information to make a purchase.

Next you write the description of each product. Here’s what I would write about this crock pot: https://www.amazon.com/Crock-P

“If you’re in the market for an affordable slow cooker that can serve a lot of people, this is one that you must consider. The reason I say this is that this product is 6 quarts and that means you’ll be able to serve up to 7 people at a time. Plus, it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

One of my favorite features of this slow cooker is it comes with a digital timer. You won’t have to worry if you’re over cooking or under cooking your food because of this. The timer goes all the way up to 20 hours too!

If that’s not enough you’ll also like that it comes with:

  • Very large carry handles prevents the food from getting out all over you. You won’t have to worry about getting burned either.
  • Once cook time is completed this product switches to warm. This ensures that you won’t overcook the meal if your attention accidentally slips.
  • The locking lid is extremely reliable and easy to use. This is another feature that keeps the food inside and not on your floors.
  • This product is microwavable without the lid too. This is just another reason this crock pot is so convenient and a must have.

Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

As you can see, there’s a lot to love here. In fact, there are thousands of reviews on Amazon about this product and almost all are overwhelmingly positive. If you want to see what other customers are saying about this product, click below:

“Link to product”

And it’s as simple as that. As you get more practice with this you’ll be able to write these in your sleep. That description was 250 words. If you have 15 slow cookers that brings you to 3750 words. Add the intro (150 words), the short buyers guide (600 words) and the conclusion (150 words) and you get 4650 words. That is more than enough to get you on page 1 for Best Slow Cookers 2018, and to avoid penalties in the future.

Here are various best of lists that should look at. They all follow this basic guideline and are on page one for their keywords:






There’re thousands of these types of posts too. I’ve done an in depth research on 20 different successful niche websites and they all follow this basic outline. Here’s some link to those posts: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co



You DON’T want the year in the URL of your post, only the title. So you can title it “Best Slow Cookers 2018,” but edit the URL to just “best slow cookers.” The reason for this is when 2019 comes around you can just change the title to 2019 and not have to redo the entire thing. You’ll want to update your list with a few products when it turns to 2019 but that’s all you’ll have to do besides updating the title.

In the next section we’re going to be looking at “on page seo” which are little tips to ensure you rank the highest possible.

Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

How To Create a 6 Figure Website

Last Update: May 19, 2018,


Affiliate 1208

On Page SEO

This section will be short and is a just few tips to help you rank your highest. You should do these on every single post you do.

1) Have your keyword in the first 100 words. If you’re doing best slow cookers 2018, you’ll want to at least use the term “best slow cookers” in the introduction.

2) Link out to trusted websites. Not just Amazon either. I would try to link out to 4 to 6 known websites every post. This shows Google your active in the community and trustworthy.

3) Link to your own content. This is called internal linking and each post should have 3 internal links to your own content. This helps Google rank your content quicker and rank higher. So when you post “Best Slow Cookers 2018,” go back to older content and create a link. Add a new paragraph somewhere when you do this to get Google’s attention.

4) Make sure your content is visually pleasant and easy to read. Use bullets, pictures and short paragraphs. Make sure you sentences are concise as well.

5) Write naturally and don’t keyword stuff. You don’t want to use the term “best slow cookers” over and over and over again.

If you want to know more about on page seo click here: https://backlinko.com/on-page-

The last section is next and I’ll show you resources that have helped me out over the past few years.

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How To Create a 6 Figure Website

Last Update: May 19, 2018,


Affiliate 1208

Wealthy Affiliate vs British Airways

Additional Resources

There’s a few articles and training that have shaped the way I look at affiliate marketing. Here’s the best ones:

1) Wealthy Affiliate: This is where I learned and is by far the most comprehensive training on the internet.

2) http://incomeaddon.com/ This website opened my eyes to the power of best of lists and has a free training course you’ll want to take. It’s much like this training but more in depth. The guy who runs this website makes around $20,000 a month as an Amazon Affiliate.(I think this website is offline now)

3) http://www.viperchill.com/goog… This post opened my eyes to the “year” strategy. This guy makes millions online every year and noticed that keywords with the year in them were the most profitable and got the most traffic.

4) https://gaps.com/google-affili… This is from the same guy as Viperchill and is just another one of his website. It goes more in depth into the year strategy and breaks down a website that only has 8 best of posts and brings in tens of thousands a month.

5) https://backlinko.com/on-page-… I posted this link in the last section but it’s worth posting again. This post shows you all the little tricks to rank better.

6) Think and Grow Rich: This is the single greatest business book and one all people looking to make money needs to read.

If you go through these 6 resources you’ll basically know as much as me.

I hope this training helps you and I hope you seriously consider what I’ve said. If you’ve made it this far I’m guessing you really want to make this whole online marketing thing work.

It’s actually really simple to make money online. Once you understand this and all the principles I laid out in this training you’ll see what I mean. As billionaire Mark Cuban once said ” The internet is the single easiest and best way to make money.’ He should know – he made BILLIONS online.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Brtish Airways

Well, well, well! Interesting, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? You will find members’ who are very helpful inside the members” area. They are a community of like minded people who say “Failure to build your own business online is no option.” You can join Wealthy Affiliate freely by clicking here. See you in the members” area soon and you shall never regret your decision.





Disclosure of Material Connection: Some links in the post above may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission without any additional cost to you. However, you should know that I only recommend products or services I believe will add value to you, my esteemed readers. Moreover, I would really appreciate it if you left a comment or question below. I will try my best to give you honest answers. Or is there any topic you may want me to write about? Leave it below and I shall do my best about it.

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    • Wonderful observations, Edah. Wealthy Affiliate members have to make money online, COVID-19, or not. Wherever they are, they can improve their businesses and continue to receive passive income.


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    However, it’s awesome an opportunity like wealthy Affiliate is available at this moment as it gives us more opportunity to invest more time in working from home during this lockdown.

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  7. I totally get the point for the comparison between wealthy affiliate and the British Airways. Its a fact that amidst the ravaging pandemic, a lot of people are locked up with no jobs and no means of earning for survival. And the only jobs around was to go into online businesses.
    Here at wealthy affiliate we , a lot of people have been earning really well in it at a time like this and this is what the British Airways isn’t doing So as you can see wealthy affiliate is really impacting on peoples love for good and I really appreciate the work of kyle and Carson.

    • You are very correct in your observations, Evans. It is sad to see people languishing in misery when there is an opportunity for them to start earning money online. You and I have the noble responsibility to make them aware that there is a future in earning money online beyond the grounding of their planes. I am glad that some Wealthy Affiliate members include some people from the aviation industry.

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