Wealthy Affiliate Review (The Dream of the Top Affiliate Lady Part 2)

Wealthy Affiliate Review (The Dream of the Top Affiliate Lady Part 2) is a continuation from Part 1 in which I expressed my concern for not taking up the challenges of not venturing into the non-traditional fields in which they are comfortable like fashion designing, beauty pageants, top models. The list would go on and on.

Having taught both boys and girls as a high school teacher, I have learnt that girls tend to excel in any area where they direct their efforts. It may be the political arena where Angela Merkel is has been serving her fourth term of the top political office in Germany. She is not alone as Great Britain has had her own share of Iron Ladies in the political arena which has included Margret Thatcher and Theresa May.


It is high time that the United States of America was ruled by a lady who can lead this great nation to higher heights. Let us not be carried away by the ladies who have had their share of success in the political field. This post is to encourage women, both the working class and the stay home moms to take a leaf from Littlemama and excel in Affiliate marketing and become top affiliates. Does it sound impossible? No, it is not because Littlemama has set up a trend that other women can follow.
Below is a story of her experiences as a super affiliate. She tells us in such a passionate way to encourage every affiliate marketer (man or woman) to follow her steps. If she can do it, you too can achieve what she has attained and you can go beyond her current limits. She was invited to Las Vegas to attend the Super Affiliate conference out of over one million five hundred affiliate marketers within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Every expense for the one-week conference was paid for by Kyle and Carson who are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate: the air ticket was paid for and so was accommodation and food:

My First Vegas Experience: Nothing But WOW!

Last Update: February 07, 2019


Affiliate 0

Hello WA Warriors!!

Oh My Goodness! There is NO better affiliate program to promote! It’s pretty much unheard-of that you get invited to a Super Affiliate conference so that the owners can pick your brain!

You really FEEL like a Super Affiliate when you’re there because you are doing everything in high style and class.

I might even say this experience has “gotten to my head” a little and my ego had blown up a bit while in Vegas because you really feel like you’re rolling in it while you’re there but reality sure hit when I landed back at my house! LOL
But man, you are taken care of, Kyle & Carson do not spare any expense. From the hotel room, which a lot of you saw in my Facebook Group was HUGE with a separate living room area, to the Skylight, to the FOOOOOOOOD and the drinkssss.

You are eating at a steakhouse dinner one night with endless amount of appetizers, sides and desserts, while all you needed to do was pick your entree, and then you’re entertained with a mind blowing magician on another night.

Then, the last night, you get treated with this huge skylight at another luxury hotel where again, tons of food lined up and a bartender waiting to serve you whatever you want.

The generosity of Kyle & Carson is unbelievable.

Meeting Kyle & Carson

I was a little girl waiting to see her fave rock stars!

Oh my gosh, I was a nervous wreck meeting these two but once I met them, they are exactly what others have described, so nice, kind, and super hard workers.

You’d think these two guys can just kick back and relax, but NOPE.

They are in the trenches every day, just like you and me. So know that even at their level, they are putting in hours and hours and hours of work every single day.

So, to think that what I do is a lot, it’s nothing compared to what these two still do every day to keep their business going.
That’s one big lesson right there. Just because you find some success, it doesn’t mean the work is done.

In fact, the work is just getting started.

You have to KEEP working STILL if you want to KEEP that success up and more.

How else will you and your business grow if you don’t? Just because you rank now, doesn’t mean you’ll rank forever. Could be a few years if you’re lucky but success is only temporary like anything else.

You have to keep working and striving for the better or else your business doesn’t change or grow.

Kyle & Carson are real role models for us in so many ways. It was truly a privilege to meet them and to discuss my business with them in a one-on-one setting is absolutely priceless.

Being my first time, of course, I had a list of questions, but guess what? There’s so much to talk about that I didn’t even get through my list.

Also, some things on my list doesn’t seem so significant when you get to see the bigger picture of things.


Okay, there wasn’t much “work” we were doing but we were certainly brainstorming and discussing the improvements to come for WA and for all of you.

Kyle & Carson really care about our input and WE are actually part of their process in how they will improve the platform.

I find this SO awesome and how rare do you have a company that really reaches out to their members in this way?

Yes, we are super affiliates and bring them business, but they do NOT have to do this at all. Look at any other affiliate programs out there, no one’s going to ask you about anything.

In fact, most companies don’t CARE about affiliates and usually last on their list to improve things for them.

Not at WA, once you’ve proven to them that you can do this by becoming a Super Affiliate, they give you even MORE tools to get even better at what you do.

I won’t divulge what extras you get, because the surprise element is so fun when you find out while you’re there!

They also invest in their Super Affiliates, I’ll leave it at that.

Kyle & Carson are amazing people.

Hitting New Record While In Vegas

Millionaire BizPro Reviewed as 2019 Scam

As most of you know, after I achieved Vegas last year-end of Aug, I stopped writing product reviews and concentrated on non-product review keywords.

My traffic dropped by 10K users a month because of this change and, although expected, it felt like my entire online business was coming to an end!

I had blogged about how this affected me last year as well but I was determined to keep going until things turned around. I didn’t know how long it was going to take but I knew it will eventually turn around as I start ranking for new keywords.

Guess what?

First day in Vegas, my site broke a new record and hit over 2,000 visitors/day!!

It actually hit over 2,000 visitors a day TWICE that week, 2nd time was on Thursday Jan 31.

Even at my highest traffic last year, I never got to break the 2K visitors/day mark and my site did it twice while in Vegas!

I haven’t even checked which new keywords I’m ranking for but this is huge news for my site. It means, it’s BACK!

It’s back to ranking well with the keywords I want to really target and I hope from this point onward, it will continue to rise again in traffic and sales.

I’m hoping then also my conversion rate will go higher than I’m targeting more on a focused audience, time will tell here. I haven’t seen too much increase yet.

Meeting The Other Super Affiliates

I have to say I was a nervous wreck on my way to Vegas (pretty much the entire first day!). I have no idea why but I think the sheer excitement of me getting to meet the great minds I’ve looked up to for so long is probably most of my nerves.

What do I say to them? Are they going to be cool with me coming?

I mean, the multi-multi year Super Affiliates I’ve looked up to AND BOTHERED many times, they finally get to meet that petty member that kept asking them questions. Lol

Surely they want to meet me, right?

Then, to meet the two-timer Super Affiliates that I liked to bother as well seemed a little easier since I didn’t bother them as much. Lol

But, these two Super Affiliates were critical to my success as these were the two that gave me that 400 number (most of you who have gone through my training will know what I’m talking about)!! I don’t think they know who they are, I never brought it up to them actually! Lol

And then, there were the NEWBIES like ME!

Wow, what a big group of newbies, really. I’m not sure if we’re the largest group of newbies but there were 6 of us and 7 if you count Kyle, who made it in 2017 but couldn’t go to the Vegas 2018 conference, so this was his first Vegas as well.

Here is the group of newbies, missing Mike (sorry Mike, not sure where you were)… maybe next year! Lol

But, whether I was meeting a multi-year Super Affiliate or a brand newbie like myself, they were all welcoming and such great guys.

It was a very laid back atmosphere, and I learned a lot from hanging out with these awesome people.

Like others who have already blogged, there’s really nothing like getting into a room with all these people and be able to talk shop freely like we did.

Having an online business could be a very lonely place and WA’s community offers support that make us feel we are not so alone.

But, to be able to chit chat with all these Super Affiliates in person, it’s just another level that I am so grateful for.


1. “Why aren’t there MORE Super Affiliates here?”

2. “Why are there not more ladies here?”

We all came to the SAME conclusion guys.

There’s absolutely NOTHING stopping you guys & ladies from achieving this goal of making it to Vegas!

Once you make it, you realize that 300 sales is actually not that much and I’m not trying to brag either, it’s highly achievable with the training set out.

Yes, it requires a lot of hard work but that hard work PAYS OFF BIG.

That’s what YOU NEED to do in order to find BIG SUCCESS.

Little effort, little to no money.

Big effort, bigger money.

MASSIVE effort, Super Affiliate.

Future Of Wealthy Affiliate

We are all in good hands.

The future of WA has never looked brighter and the platform will certainly continue to improve in ways that will benefit all as well as having new opportunities to make money.

We will all get to experience new ways to learn as well but guess what guys?

The CORE of what you should be learning won’t be changing, maybe updated, but not the core principles of the strategies taught here.

The training works and has always worked, my site again proved it above.

If you guys can get the keyword strategy down, then you will be earning for years to come and you can literally be successful in any niche you go into.

Photo Gallery

Here are a few pics to enjoy:

Our first trip without the kids!!!

Is This Post Ever Going To End?

Not yet.

I have so much more to share but I will save it for my other channels in my network.

So check out my profile and see the two links I have under “Follow me on…” I will have more Live Streams on Facebook to go over what I’ve learned and really show you guys how this is really achievable for all of you.

I’ll be putting together my whole Vegas reel in a video as well for my YouTube channel, so look out for that.

UPDATE: THE VIDEO IS READY!! SEE HERE! Of course, smash that like button and leave me a comment too. 🙂

I also want to leave you with this:




2018 Year In Review: $40K Thank You WA! Happy New Year!

Last Update: January 02, 2019


Affiliate 0

Happy New Year my WA friends!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and ready to rock it here in 2019!

As I have been doing, I’ve been updating my progress here since I started and so I’d love to do a 2018 in review post here to summarize my year with final results, as this is my biggest year so far, totaling $40K in revenue:

I started here in Sep/16 and my first full calendar year, I didn’t do too well revenue-wise but this is how it goes when you’re building your online business.

Mid 2017 was when I really started writing a lot more on my blog, daily in fact, and continued to do so throughout 2018 with some slow down in the latter part of 2018.

If it wasn’t for that ramp up in 2017, there’s no way I would have made what I made in 2018.

If you’re new to this online business, know that you don’t get paid for the work you do today but you will get paid when you have established enough trust with your audience by providing and creating enough valuable content to them.

Content will always be king whether you write it or record it in a video form and the more you can create, the more visitors you will attract, the more money you make.

I still publish about 5 posts a week and have over 600 posts on my blog now and received almost 370K visitors in 2018.

Income Breakdown:

Here’s the breakdown of my income that I’ve been using to be consistent:

And if I used WA report to prove my numbers:

Jaaxy is very little as you can see. 🙂

This is from my Mediavine dashboard which I started only in May/18, these are the display ads on my site:

Averaging 4 digits a month just for ads! Totally truly passive after initial setup!

However, this ad network only allows sites who have sessions are over 25,000 and even then, it’s not a guaranteed shoe-in.

Make sure you’re branding your business nicely and have at least 1 or 2 social media accounts that might help.

2018 In Summary:

  • Achieved 4 digit income in Mar/18
  • Achieved Vegas Super Affiliate Conference in Aug/18
  • Over 600 blog posts
  • 369K visitors
  • $40,000 highest income year 2018
  • $7.9K the highest income month in Nov/18
  • One website – Started Sep/16

I think you can call my income for 2018 a “full time” income since some people do make that much a year.

But if you have seen my 2019 goals, this is far from what I want to achieve.

I want to build a 6 figure income this year and that means more than doubling my 2018 income.

I really hope I can do this and give you guys a better “2019 Year In Review” post!

Advice To New Members:

When you come to WA, you’re not just going to “see” if you can make money online. You absolutely have the blueprint to follow in the training here to build an online business just like mine or BETTER.

There are many members here who do way better than me, make way more money than what I’ve reported above.

This is just to let you see what’s possible if you really dive into the training and really learn this business.

The training alone will not get you to success though.

YOU will be a BIG factor in the success of your online business.

YOU need to be able to:

  • Follow closely to the training & DO the tasks
  • Ask questions if you’re stuck
  • Be able to also be resourceful & find your own answers
  • Persistence in finding your answers
  • Consistently work on your online business, at least 15 – 20 hours a week
  • Create high quality valuable content
  • Be willing to work without pay!

There’s no sugar coating anyting with this online business, it’s just pure “you reap what you sow” and you DON’T “reap” quickly or instantly.

The last point is very important and if you look at my history above (or read my posts on my profile), you will see I had to put in a lot of work in building my business in 2017 to reach the income I have in 2018.

Some people can achieve what I have in much shorter time but also many who haven’t reached their first dollar in 2 years time as well.

Therefore, when and how much you’ll make in your online business highly depends on you and how badly you want an online business to be churning out money like the way mine does.

I hope seeing my 2018 results will motivate and inspire you to work even harder in 2019 to reach your goals!

If I’m your Premium Coach, REACH OUT FOR HELP!!

I’m always here for everyone but especially those who have me as their Premium Coach (see Help Center, I should be listed there beside the owners), do not sit there and be stuck.

Everyone also has WA’s incredibly helpful community so there’s no excuse not to get help here.

Reach out for help and get onto the path of success!!

Wishing You All The BEST 2020!



I hope you are all doing well!!

UPDATE: I just hit 1000 subscribers!!! July 3, 2019!! (Really, just a note for myself! Lol)


Wow! What an experience. You, too, can make it here at Wealthy Affiliate. A journey of ten thousand miles begins with a single step One click on the photo below can make you start your online passive income journey. Believe it or not, you may succeed even more than men on this platform. I wish you the best of success.

By the way, if you are in need of three e-books every home should have, fill in the gaps below:

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Send to the e-mail address below by stating: I desire to receive freely three e-books every home should have.


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  1. Hi Joseph,

    I really enjoyed reading your wealthy affiliate review. As someone who was a massive fan of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s the article really resonated with me. You are right that more women should be involved in politics and business as this creates healthy role models for younger women. Have you got any other ideas for making money online, or would you say that wealthy affiliate is the best? Thank you in advance, Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,

      I am glad you have enjoyed reading this review. I agree with you that more women should be involved in politics. They are motherly in nature and embrace many people with divergent views. As for making money online, the best way is to get trained first. Afterwards you shall be in a better frame of mind to decide how best you can make money online. Just run away from get rich quickly schemes. They are money suckers and time wasters.


  2. I do have to give it up to the founders of wealthy affiliate for the wonderful platform that they have created. Inviting their top affiliates to vegas is like a dream come true for a lot of people and I don’t think that I have heard of any other training platform that does it.

    This is an inspiration to a lot of aspiring affiliates looking to make it big in the online world that just about anyone can find success online as long as they know what they are doing and have the right teachings to help guide them throughout their online journey. 

    • You are right, Manuel. I have never heard of a site that promotes its community the way Kyle and Carson do. They are great and kind people. God bless them abundantly.


  3. Wow.. what a great time in Las Vegas. I am sure there is some left out because of the saying “what’s said in Vegas stays in Vegas. LOL. The 2 gentleman seem like wonderful people to meet. I know they will give of their time any of us need it. I wasted time and money on other affiliate sites before finding WA. I could not be happier. Thank you for paving the road for others to come and learn how to build a successful website. All the training from Everybody has helped me tremendously and I look forward to giving back to those that come after. 

    Best Wishes


    • Hi Melissa,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving valuable appreciation about Wealthy Affiliate. you and I have to assist many people to know the genuineness of this site. You are lucky to have found a trustworthy site like Wealthy Affiliate/


  4. Wow, what a beautiful and motivational story. I’ve heard so much about Wealthy Affiliate even before I joined the platform and I got to know that the platform is actually one of the biggest online University. What captivated my attention the most about the platform was the free classes and also the 7days free trial is amazing, I read about Kyle and Carson because I needed to confirm the credibility of the platform and I was so happy to confirm that they are really people and the platform Is profitable. This article is really useful and interesting. Thanks.

    • Hi Dreajay,

      Good to hear from you. I love what your remarks are about Wealthy Affiliate.Some people are suffering because they have no jobs, but they can easily employ themselves after acquiring skills from Wealthy Affiliate. Stay blessed in your online business.


  5. Good afternoon Joseph,

    You have placed photos of some special ladies on your post. Angela Merkel, still going strong in Germany and Margret Thatcher, she is no more. To tell you the truth I was not impressed by Theresa May, but that is my personal opinion.

     There have been female leaders who have done a great job and others have been a flop. I think it does not depend on gender more on character and integrity.

    Thank you for the post of Little Mama and her experience in Las Vegas, that was a great read.

    s an Affiliate one needs to work, every day and never give up. Sooner or later you will get there.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske,

      Good to hear about your honest remarks about the three ladies mentioned in the post. They are great ladies although Theresa May has disappointed most of us. As for our super affiliate, she is a trendsetter for women and gentlemen alike and i admire her qualities. Littlemama should keep on shining for all women and men alike in over two hundred countries who love affiliate marketing.



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