Wealthy Affiliate Review – Reaction to Ebiz’s Facts Video about WA


This is Wealthy Affiliate Review – Reaction to Ebiz’s Facts Video about Wealthy Affiliate (WA). There is a saying that when you want to know how a hippopotamus lives in a river, the best or closest answer to the truth can come from another hippopotamus or a crocodile who lives in the same river. I am that person who is found in the Wealthy Affiliate community and so I am in a better position to react to Niall Doherty’s video.



Ebiz’s Facts Video reviews Wealthy Affiliate as a program not worth to sign up with. In his Wealthy Affiliate Review: 7Big Problems (2019), Niall asks an “Ape” and three other people’s opinion whether it would be a good idea to join Wealthy Affiliate. They agree with him that they should not join Wealthy Affiliate due to various reasons advanced some of which will be mentioned below.




Niall says Wealthy Affiliate offers bad training and according to him, some videos and materials are outdated. May I simply say that Wealthy Affiliate may have old videos dating back to 2014, but many members and I find this kind of training very relevant and beneficial to new learners of affiliate marketing. A year ago, I did not know anything about making money online and the training referred to as outdated made me make my first online income of $200. This was after many other websites had victimized me, robbing me of my hard-earned hundreds of Dollars.



Niall needs to learn what National Curriculum Centers do in changing or upgrading any curriculum subjects. This is what they do. They make the upgraded or new curriculum run for a period of five years. After this, they are able to assess whether the content of the subject is still relevant or not. If the content is no longer relevant, the content is discarded and then replaced by new content. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is reviewed every year at what is called Las Vegas Conference where super affiliates are able to meet the founders Carson and Kyle together with the live trainer, Jay. At least each New Year, the irrelevant components of training are discarded or upgraded or replaced.




The same kind of obsolete training that Niall condemns has made my posts rank highly on Google. In fact, I was checking my June 2019 post’s ranking when I noticed that it was on page one, number one when his post I am reacting to was number six. If he can offer superior training, how come his rank on Google was lower than mine? He should go back to Wealthy Affiliate and be trained further for his posts to rank number one, page one on Google. Moreover, more than half my posts rank not only number one, page one, but the next two up to the sixth are all my posts before other posts show up from different websites. Most other posts from Wealthy Affiliate members rank highly not only on Google but Bing and Yahoo as well.




Total members of Wealthy Affiliate are not one million, five hundred but are close to two million people currently. This means that the Wealthy Affiliate site has become much more popular than before. One thing very good at the Wealthy Affiliate community is their desire for the success of each individual. Women also have had their share of success and Littlemama is just one of them. She is very active in encouraging other members including men. A problem shared is half-solved. The members are always willing to go to any lengths to bail out a friend who has a problem at any time 24/7. If you cannot find help on what is called a live platform, you can send a Private Message to any member in your network and that person can come to your assistance.




When Jay Neil, the Wealthy Affiliate “Live” Coach Trainer reveals his 2016 $300/daily or $9000/monthly, means that the 2016 online income has not been updated yet. The truth of the matter is that Jay, just like the other two co-founders, is not in the habit of updating their online income earnings the way some members at Wealthy Affiliate do. If you observe one good thing at Wealthy Affiliate, old members who joined the system a long time ago, say before 2012, are not in the habit of posting their online income updates. Instead, the ones who enjoy that are the newbies who do so excitedly to try to prove to people that Wealthy Affiliate training works. There are actually many success stories at Wealthy Affiliate when it comes to online income earnings.



One thing I have come to learn at Wealthy Affiliate is that the co-founders and Jay Neil, are truly humble people who embrace every member from over one and a hundred and fifty countries. Even their ground rules for communication with one another on this platform do not encourage any hatred, hate speech or complaints against religious affiliations.




Niall wants evidence of the online income earnings for the top three people at Wealthy Affiliate. While I cannot tell the number of websites these people have and how much each website brings in per month, there is one thing that is clear and that, any kind of training approved at Wealthy Affiliate comes with incentives of money and it is not a small amount of money. Jay Neil, who conducts training every Friday or Saturday morning depending on your geographical location. Jay is a major beneficiary of this allocation of money.




Now you can calculate some simple figures here. Niall has agreed that $49 is paid as a monthly premium membership. Since some members are on free starter membership, they do not pay this amount of money. Therefore, from four million members we can knock off a figure of five hundred on free starter membership. This figure is higher than the actual free starter membership because ninety-eight percent of free starter members upgrade to the premium membership within seven days. Members pay $49 dollars monthly, but $20 dollars is given out for affiliate commissions and the co-founders remain with $29. In other words, 3,500,000 members multiply by $29 gives us a monthly income of 101,500,000 online incomes. Even when this money is shared or some of it goes to pay for overheads, the remainder is truly for a super affiliate’s income earnings.


Carson and Kyle are co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate who are generous. Unlike other CEO s who have been reported by Yahoo Finance News of pocketing as their salary all the annual income (profits) of the company, Carson and Kyle are not selfish in any way. The affiliate commissions paid to their members are high. On top of that they pay generously to those who come up with trainings. Above all, they motivate the top affiliates each year by buying them a return air ticket to Las Vegas and accommodate them for almost one week in a five star hotel plus paying for them tours around the city. Did you know that even out-of-pocket allowance is paid to them on daily basis?



It is a fact that with the so-called outdated training, Wealthy Affiliate has managed to churn out many financially independent members. In fact many of the members who are invited to attend the Las Vegas Annual Conference head on to become millionaires within a couple of years after attending the conference. Some notable names at Wealthy Affiliate include Jerry Huang, BenjisDad (Chris Myles), Littlemama (Grace) and many more. Do not be surprised when such names are added to the list of millionaires of this world.




I have seen some members coming to rejoin Wealthy Affiliate because they earn money online quickly schemes are mostly scammers. The dependable way to earn money online is to be trained at Wealthy Affiliate and then you can eventually start earning online income, not in small quantities, but tons of money. If you cannot beat them, better join them.




You are welcome to Wealthy Affiliate by beginning as a Starter Member where you cannot use any credit card. By the end of the seven-day period of trial, my prediction is that you shall upgrade your membership to premium as soon as possible. This is because you will find the community and the leadership at Wealthy Affiliate very accommodating. The facilities as Niall says, may be outdated, but very effective and enjoyable in every way. You can join by clicking any image in this post. See you soon in the members’ area.


Disclosure of Material Connection: Some links in the post above may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission without any additional cost to you. However, you should know that I only recommend products or services I believe will add value to you, my esteemed readers. Moreover, I would really appreciate it if you left a comment or question below. I will try my best to give you honest answers. Or is there any topic you may want me to write about? Leave it below and I shall do my best about it. The video above explains in detail what affiliate marketing business is. Your life can be changed for financial gain in due course.

10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – Reaction to Ebiz’s Facts Video about WA”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is an opportunity that opened up to me three years ago and has been a blessing in my life. Not only did it train me in the web development process, but I was also able o share the word of God. By this, I mean leaving feedback and comments among other web developers as a community. 

    • Hi Linda,

      Good to hear that you have enjoyed your time with Wealthy Affiliate for three years. That is the news that is common to everybody who joins this wonderful business organization. Many other people are ignorant of what WA can offer, but if we shouted on top of our voices the good things that this wonderful platform can offer, they will hear us and get their lives transformed financially. Stay blessed.

  2. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Wealthy Affiliate.

    I was trying to build a website using affiliate marketing but I find just fake information’s on the internet and scams. Joining to Wealthy Affiliate platform was the best decision I ever made.As you said here, this is the best way to make money online. Now I’m a premium member and I have a lot of advantages here. All the member help me when I have different questions and the training are amazing and prepared me in this online business. I recommend to all the people who want to make money online to use this platform, and I’m sure they will do it because you made a great review about it.It seems to be a good platform to make money AND THERE IS NO SCAM.

    Thanks again and keep in touch !

    • Hi Raz,

      You are right to say there is no experience of SCAM with Wealthy Affiliate. Ebiz, unfortunately, is the only one who has complained about Wealthy Affiliate. His major issue is how much can people earn using Wealthy Affiliate training. I have had an opportunity to read about many successes on this platform. How much one can earn varies from individual to individual and this is evidenced by money goals on each individual’s dashboard.

      Keep aiming higher and you shall achieve your goals.


  3. Hi, This is pretty interesting to see your opinion about this. I was wondering how long you have been with wealthy affiliate? this is actually the first time I’ve ever heard anyone not say something good about it. I myself have been with it for 5 months now. I personally think it’s very good.

    • Hi Jake,

      After falling a victim to a number of scams, I have found Wealthy Affiliate a legitimate way one can use to create an online business with confidence that you shall achieve success no matter how many months it may take. You are in the right place and sooner or later, I shall be reading about your own success. Enjoy your training.


  4. This is a great review of WA but also of the critics of WA.  You have been detailed and honest.  The post addresses each complaint logically and thoroughly.    For any business, food service, clothing, hotels there will be successful months and slow months, great years and poor years.  It is dumb to ask for the top 3 earners when there are thousands earning by using the WA teaching.  Anyway, the post is great.  I am going to bookmark it.  I would like to know if I can, giving you create, use some parts as links on my site.  Thanks for the post.

  5. Hi Joseph

    I got to admit that this getting funny, a person reacting to a person reacting to a programme. It is obvious that a review made by a person  with an axe to grind will not be truthful. If you want a honest review then you have to have experience the programme and to give it time. Yes there is problems with Wealthy Affiliate, as no programme is without problems but this does not give them the right to character assassination of the owners. It is amazing how jealous can rear its ugly head.

    I think you have set the records straight. Thank you for your efforts.


    • Hi Antonio,

      I think you are right to bring in the word JEALOUSY as one thing behind the review of Wealthy Affiliate by Ebiz. It is unfortunate how jealousy can eat some people to the extent of trying to embarrass innocent and loving people like our co-founders o this wonderful organization. Forgive such people because they do not know what they are doing in real life.


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