Wealthy Affiliate Review – Labman’s Consistent Way

This is Wealthy Affiliate Review – Labman’s Consistent Way. Many people find themselves in different communities by their own choices or by circumstances beyond their own control. Wealthy Affiliate is a community that financial healthy-minded people join voluntarily. It was on voluntary basis that Labman joined Wealthy Affiliate and found the community so interesting and helpful that nine years later, he still has desire to continue helping the newbies and the rest of the world at large.

When you look at the reason Labman joined Wealthy Affiliate, it was because he was unemployed and needed consistent income or passive income online. He did not come out disappointed and he has continued his journey to date.

Labman’s decision is unlike many people in our world who do not think outside the box. They do not like to venture out into the internet world and gain “employment” out of it. Instead, they would rather wallow in the world of unemployment and not fight hard to come out of this unpleasant situation. Not so with Labman. He had to hold the bull by its horn. Nine years later, Labman is satisfied with the decision he had taken and is proud today of not having gained financial independence, but a lifetime partner as well. Here is what he says about himself:


About Labman

Joined August 2010

Premium Top 200 Rank 114

I have two grown children and Three Granddaughters. I have recently relocated to TN but grew up in Western NY.

I’m down to 2 Labrador Retrievers (Left to Right, Gracie and Elphaba) and am a dog trainer in my spare time. I was a member of a local Search and Rescue team and was training one of my Labs for this endeavor (Far Left). She is progressing well. The of the other is certified Therapy Dog, I have taught puppy obedience classes at night.

I spent 2010 on the unemployment rolls and found this place while out of work. I was able to dig out of my hole and found WA to provide some additional income.

I have now been at WA for 7 years. I have learned many things about how to build sites and have developed many sites for clients. Affiliate income is slow for me but only because I have been helping businesses directly. I may focus a bit more on affiliate marketing in the near future.

Over the years I have raised Monarch butterflies and released them back to the Ever since I have come to WA I have raised several crops of butterflies. The Butterflies were tagged and released in August and September 2010 and 2011 and another crop in 2012. I collected them from the area raised them to Chrysalis stage and when they hatched I tagged them and sent them on their way. I tagged and released 20 Butterflies in 2010 and 19 in 2011 since I ran out of tags, this year I only released untagged Butterflies but 19 more were release to the wild.

Again in 2014 I had a bumper year for the Monarchs. Over 60 made it to the wilds as adults. 2015 was also a good year. Sadly, there were no butterflies in 2016. 2017 will be a different year for me as I’m no longer in Western NY. In TN the monarchs arrive early and are still in their northward journey so I won’t be able to raise the Methuselah generation that migrates back to Mexico in the fall. I’ll still be planting Milkweed and developing a Monarch garden but the Monarch project has probably come to an end for me.

Craig H.

Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+CraigH

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Labman’s Accomplishments

2010 59

9 Years at Wealthy Affiliates

Last Update: August 06, 2019


9 Years of Changes

August Second marked my 9th year badge here at WA. I have been a pretty active member throughout. I’m constantly amazed when members rejoin after a hiatus and remember me from their previous membership.

When I joined WA, I was a rank novice. I had never even considered creating a website. Now, I have created many. Some of these were for clients, some for myself. Some were successful and some have faded into obscurity. Everything is a journey that yields results. Some results are good, some are a learning experience.

In the 9 years that I have been here, I have had several jobs, many of those can also be chalked up as a learning experience. At least they paid the bills for a while. Now, I’ve embraced the Entrepreneur lifestyle.

It has been quite a journey and I have created lifelong friendships with some members here at WA. In fact, In 2017 I moved from NY to Tennessee to create a life with another member of WA. I have it on good authority that we are the first pair of WA members that have taken this step.

It was the best move I have ever made.

We have been friends for over 7 years now, for several of them we were just friends online. Then, when Hurricane Matthew hit South Carolina (Oct 5th 2016), I volunteered to help her restore her families vacation property. We have been together pretty much ever since that time.

WA is not a dating site! But, the relationships that you create here can impact your life immeasurably.

Why I Will Stay with WA

At this point, I have several sites that are active. Several of these sites provide me with a regular affiliate income. I’m focusing primarily on Woodworking Warrior as I have finally decided that I will pursue my passion for woodworking both online and off.

I dabbled with a number of niches but none of them really got my blood boiling. All along I’ve been playing around with wood. With my new lifestyle and location, this seems like the perfect mix for me. I’ve even worked out a workshop now, in a few more weeks all the tools will be sorted out and I can start producing product.

The Tools that WA provides give me a good solid online solution. I use the hosting for multiple sites. That alone is reason to stay with WA. Jaaxy is just a bonus and the site speed and privacy protection for our sites just seals the deal.

Finally, for you to join the wealthy Affiliate community freely you can click on any image on this page and you can sign your way into it. Labman enjoyed himself interacting with the community and does not want to leave it. This community develops people into the way they want to and ensures that each individual is successful through and through. It simply depends on what each individual wants to gain out of this outstanding and helpful community. Click this banner to join the Wealthy Affiliate community:

You can set up goals according to your heart’s desire and you will definitely achieve them. Once you are inside the members’ area, you shall discover many people who set their goals, but achieved way beyond their wildest dreams. You, too, can start your journey and set up your goals and see what your achievement shall be: whether you shall go beyond your dreams or not. I wish you the best success in your online business.

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  1. Well, the fact is that the earlier you join, the higher the chances of success. People don’t realise that every business takes at least 1.5 year to 2 years of work to start making real profits. So I would say to everyone interested in this business opportunity – start working and do not stop. Put yourself in 6th gear, explore new things and never stop learning. This is what Labman just did and see where he is today.

    Great story.

    • Hi Strahinja,

      I am glad you stopped by because you have left encouraging remarks on this site.Many people are patient enough to wait for their profits on off-line business, but are not so patient with online business. I am particularly happy to note that you were patient enough to reap the good results of your patience. Keep it up ad encourage many more people to taste the sweetness found in online business. 



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