Wealthy Affiliate Review (Invitation Extended to People Who Have Lost Their Jobs)

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This post is about Wealthy Affiliate Review (Invitation Extended to People Who have Lost their Jobs). Last week the above caption appeared in Yahoo News and it made sad reading. WALGREENS PLANS TO CLOSE 200 US STORES, ACCORDING TO NEW SEC FILINGS. You can say sad reading for some people, but to others who are not affected or concerned in any way, this reading was just one of those things which are day to day events.
However, for the affected employees who were about to lose jobs, their sadness turned into grief not knowing what the future holds. Nobody can offer any quick solution unless you are there to automatically offer them a job to replace the lost one. As things stand, how do they cope up with life’s financial obligations in terms of clearing those unending bills especially the critical ones concerning shelter, utilities, hospital and educational bills.

wealthy affiliate review 2019

To make matters worse, just on the same page of Yahoo News was another caption which was too prominent to miss. MORE STORES CLOSING COMING: AN ESTIMATED 12,000 SHOPS COULD CLOSE BY THE END OF 2019. Walgreens closes 200 stores now, throwing people into a state of joblessness. More stores close by the end of 2019 and mass job losses follow. Who would rescue these unfortunate Americans? Is there any immediate solutions to their problems?

Let us now look at how Wealthy Affiliate can come in with its own interventions. Before that, let us look at the prevailing conditions a far as earning money online is concerned. The world has gone digital and many people earn their living from online jobs or online businesses. Among the top ten countries with the leading internet users is United States of America herself. America is ranking third after China and India with over 286 million internet users. Of this figure, 201 million people are Facebook users.

What does all this information affect the grim picture of those who are about to lose their jobs in the USA? I strongly urge them not to despair as there are many Wealthy Affiliate community members benefiting from online jobs or businesses from eBay with its total annual revenue amounting in 2018, to $10.746 billion. They are either Affiliate Marketers or Advertisers.

Some Wealthy Affiliate community members leverage on Amazon with its twelve-month revenue ending June 2019 pegged at $252.063 billion. Facebook and Google’s annual earning income are also in billions of US Dollars. The good news to the job losers is that while department stores have been shedding jobs, other segments of the retail sector have posted steady to rising job counts.

For instance, it was reported in 2017 that Amazon was to add 100,000 full-time U.S. jobs in the next 18 months. In this case, job losers should not despair but look forward to joining the winning team of internet business and not brick war businesses that are laying off workers by the day. One may ask, “How do you replace your job with internet business in this matter?

Let me advise you that joining Wealthy Affiliate is the best option in learning the proper business online or else you would end up being harassed by scammers who do not care whether you are trained or not. They capitalize on your ignorance to conduct what I would term as “Daylight robbery” which would you very disappointed and frustrated in many ways.
Let me introduce you to one member of the Wealthy Affiliate who gives you a picture of how he earns money online. His name is Steve and his username is Sgregcrx:

About Sgregcrx

Joined August 2016

Premium Rank 302

Super Skeptical New member, Almost here just to prove to myself this doesn’t work! Sorry but only being honest. Still, to prove that one way or another I need to give it an honest go, with that in mind, I’ll give a more detailed description of myself.

About me? I’m a Professional web developer with a passion for hurting myself through extreme endurance sports, namely Ironman Triathlon.

So there we go let’s give this “SCAM” an honest try to see where I end up, it’s not like the financial investment is particularly high…

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Sgregcrx’s Accomplishments

First $1000 Month – Growth Continuing Nicely!

Last Update: July 31, 2018,

I am Very happy to say I chalked off another milestone!

For the First time I made over $1000 this month from My website.

Again Every Metric I have has grown. More Traffic, More Affiliate Click through more sales and more Income.

It is slow and steady growth but everything is still heading in the right direction. UP

Only in February this Year did I make over $100 a month

In April, I saw my first 50+ Visitors a day!

May was my first $500+ Month

The end of June saw my First 100 Visitors a day.

And now come July I have topped $1000 a month.

August…who knows?

I still have a long way to go. My income needs to increase at least 5x before I am able to consider realizing my dreams of relocating to Maui but it shows I am doing the right things!

And what are those things?

They are the exact things taught here a WA. Build out quality content regularly.

I am building a Niche Website and not Promoting WA as yet. It is a Travel Blog and I am really scratching the surface in terms of revenue. I am probably maxing out some Streams but there are a lot more streams I can tap.

The site is now 18 months old in the eyes of Google. I average around 90 visitors a day, which is still really low but the conversion is really good. The traffic hits my Review pages mainly. I have approximately 146 Pages and Posts averaging well over 3000 words each. So it is a lot of content.

June saw me targeting YouTube but that seems to have stalled this month and I need to jump start that again.

I also took a HUGE step in July and Hired a Writer to help me target a New City. This worked pretty well and they helped me get a city to launch in less than a month while I did other things. Previously it would take me over a month and that would be the sole focus. It did cost me $75 an article though! (2000-3000 words) I intend to blog about this a bit more, if anyone is interested. I am still working full time so can happily plough the money earned straight back into the business!

August I will be working again with my writer to get another City to launch. Each city I add increases the options for revenue. I do worry the Current numbers will dry up somewhat. June/July are peak travel months and I worry as we move off-peak it will drop off suddenly, but that’s the nature of the beast.

Hopefully Traffic continues to climb and I can soon start seeing multiple hundreds a day. I have a lot of posts that don’t rank well and if this were to change the traffic potential with 145 posts is pretty huge!

Anyway very happy to announce the latest milestone. Fingers crossed all Metrics continue to Rise!


Wealthy Affiliate Paid for my LAMBORGHINI !

Last Update: July 08, 2019

UPDATE: Now includes the promised Graph!

Yep you read that right; there is no Click Bait here! Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I was able to get my hands on my ultimate dream car. I paid for it entirely from the profits from my Niche Website. It’s a REAL Lamborghini too not a model or anything… Not Just any Lamborghini either, a 612BHP Lamborghini Hurricane. And yes that is the ACTUAL car in the picture above.

Awesome right!

I guess you are all thinking, “so how did you do it?”

Let me explain.

First up, an apology, I said this wasn’t click bait, and while it’s not completely click bait, and everything I have said is 100% true, it’s not quite as it seems.

Unfortunately I don’t actually OWN the Car in question 🙁

I did however HIRE it for a 24-hour period. I used the profits from my travel website to pay for the hire costs. What’s more it wasn’t a jolly, it was a bonafide investment.

So this post is a little explanation of life as a “travel blogger” and what you can expect from running a niche website within WA and an update on my sites progress. Oh and maybe a few snaps from our trip!

I run a Travel Blog and the very concept of the blog is to go places and experience everything to let potential visitors what a place is like. Our latest trip was to VEGAS and one of the things on offer is Exotic Car Rentals. So to explain this fully I had to experience it… I know the hardships we Travel Bloggers have to endure!

Not only did I re-invest profits to pay for this, I even used the site as a bit of leverage to get a discount. I am not big enough to expect things for free just yet but I offered a few of the companies some extensive exposure in exchange for a discount, and one company was more than happy to accept! I wanted 20-30% off, he offered 50%. Exotic Car Rental is expensive and 50% is A LOT of money.

So I took the car for a day and enjoyed the experience of Lamborghini ownership for a full day. Before having to give it back 🙁 in that time I filmed, photographed, and documented the entire experience which will now be blogged about and plastered all over you tube.

The Car?…it was utterly phenomenal, I have always loved fast Cars and owned quite a few, but nothing comes close to the visceral and extreme noise and acceleration of this thing. It really was one of the best experiences of my life!

The Trip itself was also pretty mind-blowing. We rampaged around Las Vegas largely for free, or at least partly comped and even the things we did need to pay for were all factored into the website and the money will eventually be recouped and hopefully several times over.

We Saw Shows, Dined like kings (Unlimited Lobster, Steak and Champagne?) Saw Shows, Hit the Clubs, Gambled, Soared down the strip in a chopper, and stayed in some fantastic hotel rooms!

We then hit the open road and visited:

Zion National Park – a Stunning Canyon system with incredible scenery and amazing hikes such as Angels Landing a 2000ft rock outcrop that sees you walking 1ft wide rock ledges with 2000ft drops ever side (will make a great You tube Vid)

While at Bryce Canyon National park, we spent Sunrise and Sunset at this gorgeous, geological formation.

Page Arizona – Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe bend

Grand Canyon National Park – Sunset at the World Famous Grand Canyon

Route 66 – Driving the most famous road in the world into Los Angeles, Desert, Dust Devils, Ghost Towns and Gun Fights.

Disneyland – the Happiest Place on EARTH! (maybe)

San Diego – Finally a chill out, and Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Speedboats, Cruises Sea Lions and Scuba Diving!

A truly unforgettable trip and basically fully funded by our Website. So I am actually able to call this “Work” …lol

Site Progress Update

Overall the Site is doing incredible. After the winter slump things picked up in April and through May have soared to new heights. Traffic has tripled since the start of the year

I have included a month by month graph of traffic and earnings over the last 18months which is the period where traffic and profits began to grow. The 12 months before this were basically zero traffic

Hopefully this will help all those stuck in that still not making money stage, wavering on quitting, thinking this is all a scam. I was really close after 12months of nothing and when Black Friday Renewal came around, I was very near to pulling the plug. I just listened to that voice in my head that just said, keep going, and trust the system.

Slowly and surely things just got better and better. My Travel Site is a regular Niche Website, using nothing but the standard WA training. Almost all my traffic is organic and very high quality. This converts very well. It is 2 1/2 years old ATM.

I am still only really getting good returns from 3 to 4 of the products I promote and there is the potential for so much more than I am seeing ATM. If all of my products were performing the same as my best product I would be seeing 10x the profit! So there is still room for a lot more growth. And then there is a million more products out there to promote.

I am still doing no advertising either. I intend to use Media vine, once I meet the traffic requirements of which I am 75% of the way there so this is another potential income stream.

Overall it’s very exciting and I can’t wait to see what happen over the coming peak months in the Travel sector.

In Short WA Rocks!


Has Steve’s story brightened your day in one way or another? This is the beginning of earning more and more money for Steve. Once he updates his future online earnings, I would in turn update you. Cheer up! You can join Wealthy Affiliate freely by clicking on any images. There are thousands and thousands of other people earning much more than Steve and there is more room for thousands and thousands more. Portions of earnings from Amazon and EBay will be yours apart room getting commissions from Wealthy Affiliate itself. So what are you waiting for? Click on any image and you can join freely. There is no need to use any credit card. See you soon in the members’ area.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some links in the post above may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission without any additional cost to you. However, you should know that I only recommend products or services I believe will add value to you, my esteemed readers. Moreover, I would really appreciate it if you left a comment or question below. I will try my best to give you honest answers. Or is there any topic you may want me to write about? Leave it below and I shall do my best about it. The video above explains in detail what affiliate marketing business is. Your life can be changed for financial gain in due course.

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  1. It is so sad to hear about all of those people loosing their jobs. I like that you are advocating for them and giving people without jobs options. I myself started affiliate marketing a week ago. I look forward to the fruits of my labor. As for the people loosing their jobs, I am sorry but there is always another one around the corner.

  2. Joseph, It’s scary when you see a major corporation close 200 stores across the nation.  Working for someone else is always a scary proposition because you could be fired or let go for no real reason.  Working for yourself is definitely the way to go if you want to be in control of your own destiny.  Wealthy Affiliate is a very viable option because you get the training, the community of entrepreneurs backing you up, and the website all under the same platform.  Thanks for sharing Steve’s story as a travel blogger.

    To your success,

    Goldroad/ Jay

  3. Hi,

    With the technology develops, the disappearing real stores are expected. The key point is how to support our lives without being affected by this situation. I currently still work 9-5, and I am also seeing one day my job is going off. I might need to prepare to support myself, so I am here! 🙂

    Your post is very detailed about the reason we could make money online by the massive internet users, and I think everyone could achieve something they want if they put efforts, time and patience. I also love the story from Steven, and I need to tell you this is so inspiring to the beginners like me!

    Thank you again for this post, and I feel it’s a light at night time on the way to success!

    1. Hi Matt,

      Thank you for your encouraging remarks. I am sure time will come when you shall make so much money on your online business and quit your job. Keep it up.


  4. Many mom-and-pop shops are closing in my area too. The only ones that are thriving are the large supermarkets and premium stores that now seem to also have shipping services to accommodate for convenient shopping. In a way, I could see delivery businesses – even gig workers – thriving in this consumer section. Soon every company will hop into affiliate marketing to expand its sales online. I could just see the opportunities coming in the near future. 

    1. Hi Cathy,

      It is sad that many shops are closing down, but the workers losing jobs do not know that there are many vacancies in affiliate marketing. It is up to you and me to comfort them and say all is not lost and affiliate marketing can accommodate them. Thank you for stopping by.


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