Wealthy Affiliate Review – Internet Earnings can Save Poor Countries

This post is about Wealthy Affiliate Review – Poor Countries Can Be Saved by Internet Savings. According to Google, there were about 3.9 billion internet users in the world in 2017. Due to rapid growth of the internet, this number had risen to 4.9 billion by October 2019. While some people use the internet for social and political communication, the number of people using the internet for economic needs has been rising. These include work at home jobs or remote jobs.


Remote jobs which are popular and giving good income to participants include email marketing, translating, customer servicing, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, web or graphic designing. The list is almost endless. Very few remote job offers are extended to all the one hundred and ninety-six countries in the world. The best way to embark on such ventures is to be trained first. Otherwise, you can end up losing money to scammers and there are many of them who will go to any lengthy and strip you off your hard-earned money.


One site that can help anyone to make money online or using the internet is Wealthy Affiliate. The co-founders, Kyle and Carson started this online organization in 2007 with only a handful of people. Basically you can be taught affiliate marketing which can cause you to overlook all these other remote jobs. This is so because the easiest way to become your own boss and be financially independent is affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is emphasized here because once you have been trained, passive income becomes a reality. For this reason, you start earning more money in the long run than average income earners who are professions in the conventional world with good paying jobs. If you are doing well in affiliate marketing, you bypass such people and start earning tons of money from your online business of affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is not a quick earner type of job, but once you have persevered in building your own websites and writing good content on your site, traffic is gained and purchases become the order of the day from six months and beyond. Eventually, because you are earning passive income even when you are sleeping or playing with your family at home, your income lifestyle changes for the better and you have no regrets whatsoever.


From starting with a handful of people in 2007, Wealthy Affiliate has grown in membership to about 4 million people in 2019. This site has contributed to a fraction of millionaires we have in this world. You can easily read about success stories by clicking on some reviews about Wealthy Affiliate. You can see that even when people have become financially independent after joining Wealthy Affiliate, they do not leave this organization because learning of affiliate marketing is constantly upgraded and modernized.


A person needs to understand why there is a big increase of numbers in the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Where one sees a big number of followers of a leader or any organization, it means that the leader or leaders have cultivated trust in their followers. It becomes commonsense that when you are very pleased with something, it becomes easier for you to share with family members or friends. It is not rare to find a man and his wife or mother and daughter or father and son to be members of Wealthy Affiliate.


It is true that people rarely leave Wealthy Affiliate because members are very happy with one another’s achievements on this platform. They encourage one another when anything is achieved, however little. The only people who leave this platform are the ones who look for quick rich schemes. Let me discourage you from such ventures because more than 99% of them are scammers. They will milk your belongings until you remain with dry bones. Even offline businesses take long to realize any profit.


Let us first look closely at the following 10 world’s poorest countries 2018 figures:


1. South Sudan $246

2. Burundi $339

3. Malawi $342

4. Central African Republic $425

5. Yemen $449

6. Mozambique $472

7. Democratic Republic of Congo $477

8. Madagascar $479

9. Gambia $500

10. Sierra Leone $505


It is said that 10 of the lowest countries with internet penetration in the world have their location in Africa. Eight of those countries are found in Africa. That explains why such countries are hallowing in their economic poverty. Things could be different if a sizable number of their population was involved in internet earnings.


Suppose we took Malawi as an example. In 2018 the average net income of a Malawian employee was about MWK5,000 monthly. The minimum wage an internet worker is about $750 monthly. The exchange rate of $1 to MWK could be MWK700. Therefore, $750 multiply by MWK700 turns out to be MWK525,000. Therefore, Malawi can grow her economy if many of her country men and women would be encouraged to earn money from the internet. Poverty in Malawi can easily be defeated in this way.


Having labored to explain the various ways one can earn money from the internet and having suggested one sure way you can be trained to earn money online through joining Wealthy Affiliate, there can be no excuse for these countries to remain in poverty. In developed and emerging economy countries a good percentage of internet earners contribute immensely to the economy of the country in which they reside. Encourage citizens to earn money online and you are on your way to reducing poverty. Cheers.


Wealthy Affiliate is easy to join freely. You can click on the picture below, and I shall soon see you in the members’ area.


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  1. I remember when I start to research ways to make money online, it was very difficult to find online opportunities that I could exploit to make money from home that allowed my country. Mostly I got scammers who urged me to pay to join a program they knew was not allowing users from Africa. Until I found wealthy affiliate, the training made me understand how to earn income from home and earn a living from Africa.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are right, Adyns. Wealthy Affiliate is big enough to accommodate many people from Africa who can earn money online and contribute to the growth of the economy in their respective companies. Let us broadcast this message in various ways until Africa can be saved from “poverty.”

  2. Mr Joseph Matonge if you are a Congolese  Mboté. I really enjoyed reading your article,  Internet has come along unprecedented  opportunities  whose even Hugh school kids are taking advantage of. I have been a member of this great community for a while, and I’m so impress on the quality of training offered in the platform it so amazing.

    1. You are right, Randy. The younger High School Kids join Wealthy Affiliate, the more money they can make. Look at Jerry Huang! He joined the community when he was a teenager but now he has made “tons” of money. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. The first I want to do is try to share this great article with some of my friends. The website is really nice. And I have learned something tangible from this well-detailed article on a review of wealthy affiliate. Over the years, I have not found any platform as reliable as Wealthy Affiliate. The transparency is awesome here.

    1. Hi Smoochi,

      Thank you very much for noticing that Wealthy Affiliate is a reliable site. That is why you and I should go out there and tell the world not to rush to “shiny” objects which end up disappointing all those who want to earn money online legitimately.


  4. I must say you have passed a great deal of information by singular writing this very awesome and informative article….i never knew about this not until now…thanks a lot for sharing as an article of this magnitude would be of great help to a lot of persons as it has been of help to me.

  5. I can tell that this is a really good one. I should first commend the input of effort in making this superb website with nice features and also writing an article on how internet saving can save poor countries. this is very insightful and i have some peopl who needs to get this information. may i share?

    1. Hi Benny,

      I am delighted that you have found this information good enough to be shared. You are welcome to do so with no strings attached. In fact, we are both here to provide such valuable information so that scammers do not overwhelm newbies and other innocent people. Let us show them legit websites where they can find value for their money.


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