Wealthy Affiliate Review – College Enrollment Drops

This post is Wealthy Affiliate Review – College Enrolment Drops in USA. On December 16th, 2019, both National Public Radio (NPR) and National Student Clearing House (NSCH) reported to Yahoo News that the number of students enrolling into college education has been declining for the past eight years since 2011. This post discusses the major contributing factor which should have led to this state of affairs.



What is it that young people are substituting college education with? That is a billion dollar question that authorities should get concerned with and answer it with the urgency it deserves. Or is there any urgency? Who is ready to answer this question and who can provide the necessary answers?




Some people can say that the reduction of college enrollment is due to the current vibrant economy that is prevailing at the moment. People have many jobs to look to even if they do not have a college degree. They shall find jobs and then empower themselves with a living wage. High school education is enough to start building up for their future.




With the state pumping into college education inadequate funds, both public and small colleges have had to increase tuition fees to stay afloat. Many high school-leavers just take a look at such exorbitant fees and get discouraged to enroll for tertiary education. Stories are common from people who are unable to repay college tuition fees up to almost twenty years into their working life.



While men are trying to dilly-dally in enrolling themselves for tertiary education, women have taken the lead and are trying to gain the skills needed for good-paying jobs. Therefore, at most college campuses, women outnumber men in accessing tertiary education.



Accessing far away colleges because of favorable conditions concerning tuition fees or accessing sponsorship has become a common trend. Some students have to travel to other states covering a distance of more than two thousand miles. Such a move has proved exciting and adventurous to some students as they seem to enjoy every moment of their college time.




It was reported to Yahoo News that one of the good-paying jobs which young men and women were supposed to target in 2019 was pharmacy. This job needed someone with a college education but no experience was necessary. Pharmacists received slightly higher salaries than those of nurses. The minimum figure was $126,000 per year more than twice the national average. However, in spite of such attractive incentives, young men and women are still reluctant to enroll in tertiary education.





Marie Tarvenia of the Wealthy Affiliate community remarked on 29th December 2019, “I know someone from the Wealthy Affiliate community who pays out $20k per month in delegation expenses for her business, but she earns over $100k per month. “




The Wealthy Affiliate Online University has been found by young men and women as an alternative to conventional universities because of a number of advantages that one can find beneficial. The first one is that as you enroll with this university, your tuition fees will be nothing compared to these other formal conventional universities. Currently, it is only $49 per month and amounts to $588 per year.



The Wealthy Affiliate community helps one to build business online. Marie Tarvenia can be quoted as saying, “The investment here at Wealthy Affiliate does guarantee a ‘Real World’ education and if applied, will guarantee you a business. What do businesses take? Answer: Investment.”


“What do businesses make?” Answer: Money.




The duration of college or university education is likely to last three to seven years before getting employed. Therefore, when you enroll in college or university as we saw in good-paying jobs above, you start work in the fourth or fifth year after completing your course. You will have spent a fortune for your education and it becomes PAYBACK TIME WHEN YOU ARE EMPLOYED. This is unlike Wealthy Affiliate education where you are taught to build your own online business which starts giving you return as early as six months after enrolling.




It takes a longer period for some students at Wealthy Affiliate to start earning money online. This depends on how much time one utilizes and the dedication to the course itself. This is so because people work at their own pace at Wealthy Affiliate. With everything taken into consideration, it is normal for one to start earning money online by the end of the one-year period. In this case, a year of building your business online and you start earning money within one-year is awesome. You do not have to wait for three or four years as it happens when you want to be employed as a pharmacist.




The money that you invest in the Wealthy Affiliate platform will not be needed for you to pay back. Instead, you only continue your monthly premium payment to ensure that your business grows to unprecedented levels which will make you exceed what Marie has talked about. Actually, within two or three years of growing your business at Wealthy Affiliate, you shall likely start earning money online beyond the average income earner in the USA.



If you dream of earning more money than a pharmacist, Wealthy Affiliate is the right place for you. Not only will you earn more money than a pharmacist, but you will also go beyond your wildest dreams like thinking of becoming a millionaire within a medium-term plan. There are some young men and women who have joined Wealthy Affiliate instead of going to conventional universities. Within five years of their membership, they are hoping to become millionaires in the near future. No one undergoing a course in the conventional universities ever thinks of becoming a millionaire within a five-year working period.




To a certain extent, this explains why we have fewer students enrolling in colleges this time because there are many online jobs that have been created in the world of the internet. Although there are many jobs online, no job can make you financially independent than being a Wealthy Affiliate. There is also a provision for joining Wealthy Affiliate freely without using your credit card. You can do so here by clicking on one of the banners or images. See you in the members’ area shortly.



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  1. In this day and age, I imagine college dropouts are going to happen more often. Education is expensive, and getting online is much more comfortable. Especially when articles like yours come out to show the way. I have been interested in affiliate marketing for some time, but my son, who is 18, is way ahead of me already. He’s already got a site which is selling well. 

    I guess its time for someone like me to start looking into as well; hopefully, some of our students do go to college as we still need people specialized in certain professions. 

    1. You are right, Eric, to say we need specialized people in certain professions. The message you and I should convey is that we should have college students who could pay their way through the whole course with their money springing from their own online businesses. No specialized person should be working and at the same time worrying about educational loan repayments.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing a good review about Wealthy Affiliate to read to know more about what is it and how it works.

    I also see young people are more and more interested to learn something that will help them to build their own business, instead of looking for a regular job that will keep them working for many years and small chances of making business by themselves.

    It’s good to know there is a place online where young people can learn the ropes of building an online business on affiliate marketing. 

    As you mention in your article, the fees to pay at Wealthy Affiliate is nothing compare to the fees every student need to pay for 3 to 7 years of university fees.

    I’m glad I found your article today, one of my children was asking me what to do, and I told him about starting his own online business, I’m sure my son will be also interested to read your article!

    1. You are right, Alejandra, about your son’s predicament. It is better to own your business than grow somebody else’s business. May he see the sense in what you have seen and experienced.


  3. These days most kid’s and even adult’s finds education most fascinating after the attainment of other life achievements and as such do not really find time to go back to college at the immediate time…these are major reasons why college enrollment could be dropping over the years And further decline could be expected..

    1. The other reason, Evans, is that young people have realized the opportunities of earning money on the internet and have opted to remain in the “non-conventional sector” where they are able to earn more money than college graduates. Why go to college when there is a shorter way of earning better money on the internet? Let the young men and women grab this opportunity to avoid incurring educational loans which will take them a long time to repay.


  4. The first i want to do is try to share this great article with some of my friends. The website is really nice. and i have learnt something tangible from this well detailed article on college enrollment drops and ways out. i watched the video and i think making money can be achieved if mind is put to it.

    1. Thank you very much, Smoochi, for your positive comment on my website. This is due to the kind of awesome training I have received at WA. You can earn money online when you follow their step by step training. Enjoy your online journey.


  5. This is a very analised set of information that you are are passing out to us on this very informative and awesome article..for some time i have been doing mystudy and i have discoverd thta the number of person that are going into online buisness has tripled while the the amount of college enrollments has reduced but i never knew it was this serious,,,,thanks alot for sharing.

    1. You are welcome, David. I can foresee a situation where internet education and earnings will bypass college enrolment. Thank you very much for stopping by.


  6. I can tell that this is a really good one. I should first commend the input of effort in making this superb website with nice features and also writing an article on wealthy affiliate and how to start up. in the world right now, the level of respect you command is no longer based on education but the resources you have to give out.

    1. Hi Benny,

      Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving such a valuable comment. The level of respect is higher for a person with abundant resources. The Internet is a good springboard for such resources. A person with both qualities shall command more respect. Good day.

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