Millionaire BizPro Reviewed as 2019 Scam

This post is about Millionaire BizPro Reviewed as 2019 Scam. It is necessitated by an email letter I received from Mike Dee, who is a member of staff at Look out for a review of RichJanitor in my later posts. Mike says there is a secret of making money online which can be utilized by anybody who seeks financial freedom online. Derek Maxwell was the one behind this secret code in the name of millionaire BizPro.

In this caption of the video above, Derek says he does not want me to share this video. This is being very secretive. Why should you not share something that is supposed to bring happiness? One thing he is afraid of is the fact that it is very difficult to convince two people. One person can easily be convinced by a scam; not two or three. That is why he does not want you to share this video with anything else.

Derek says if you cannot get through, just assume that the spots are filled up. Can this be true? Honestly, let me assure you that this Millionaire BizPro has been in existence as far back as June 2018 when I first came across it. Another person wrote a review about it in June 2016 implying that this site has been in existence for more than three years. In fact, another person confessed to having lost $50 on this site as far back as 2007 when he was a student at the university. You can now wonder how many people have fallen prey to this scam since 2007.

Personally, I got involved with it three months later and because of a nasty experience I underwent, I am still looking for mike Dee. Derek just blocks you from accessing your site when you have issues with him like demanding a refund as was the assurance at the beginning of the program.


Name: Millionaire BizPro


Subscription: $47 plus more than $197 up sells

Owner: Derek Maxwell

Rating: 0.3%

Recommendation: Never

Derek says that I can be on his payroll as early as tomorrow. Could this really be true? He contradicts himself somewhere when he says he is going to train me and depending on my understanding, earnings will vary, but it will be over $1,000 on daily basis. Other people may earn as much as $4,000 each day. I am sure this is a way of encouraging the payment of up sells which are pegged at $197 at each stage making it very difficult for a person to be on his payroll as soon as the next day.

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Please, do not join this shameless business organization. You shall remember the day you join as the unluckiest day in your life. It is a top scam site. Avoid it the African chiefs avoid getting near a dead body. Otherwise, you will wear a very sad face for many, many days to come.

Derek Maxwell even has the audacity to say he has a very special program and that he is willing to pay it for me so that I can join him freely. Is this really true? Why then does he say I should pay $47 dollars towards hosting costs of his website? Why then does he even ask for up sells which makes it difficult for many to join him. The fact is that he does not want to rip me off with little money. In other words, he is a shameless conman. Avoid him at all costs.

Derek continues to say a friend could have referred me to him. However, this person who referred me to him was none other than the originator of the email, Mike Dee. To begin with Mike himself is a fictitious figure together with the same person he is referring me to him. Why do I say this? Mike put his contact Whatsup number 8613641661375 for me to verify anything I needed with him. For this reason, I have been trying to contact him on this Whatsup number for close to nine months now, but to no avail. Anyway, in case you manage to communicate to this number, I have put my email below, and I would appreciate it very much if you got in touch with me. I have a financial matter to settle with him because what he promotes is a complete scam.

On the hand, you need to know that, Derek Maxwell, the one he referred me to is also fictitious. BING SEARCH ENGINE has this to say about Derek:

The search engine BING does not trust Mike also as the person he promotes, Derek Maxwell as a Guru who can give you $4k or $1K on daily basis is a fictitious human being as confirmed below:

BING SEARCH ENGINE boldly remarked:

“There‘s several problems we’ve encountered when it comes to Millionaire Biz Pro – the first and most important being that the company constantly lies and misrepresents itself. There‘s no such person as Derek Maxwell.”

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  1. Hi Joseph! I really appreciate you have sent us this warning concerning this scam. When a site has the word Millionaire in its title it makes me a bit uncomfortable. And you have confirmed that this is a site we should avoid.

    These sites kinda sell the idea of quick money, but they don’t explain how well obtain all that money. 

    1. Hi Henry

      It is good news to hear from you that instant millionaire programs and newbies (new people to online business) should avoid them by all means. Quick money is not as glamorous as it sounds. Good to hear from you.


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