Healthy Lifestyles Tips – Change of Name is Critical

This post is about Healthy Lifestyles Tips – Change of Name is Critical. Have you ever wondered why some people remain perpetually poor or sick? For some people a name means everything to them and their lifestyle is determined by what people perceive them to be.


Some African tribes, in particular, the Ngoni ethnic groups have some funny names simply because they want to give newly born babies based on the circumstances prevailing at the time of birth. If there have been a number of deaths in the village and a baby is born, that child may be given the name of MISOZI meaning tears. If the baby is born at the time of famine or hunger, the name might be NJALA meaning hunger. Others may be born at the time of harvest and may be named MADALITSO meaning blessing. Whichever name is given out, it might have an effect on the bearer of such a name either positively or negatively.


One day my daughter was about to return to her boarding school when she declared that my wife and I needed to increase her groceries by doubling what we had always given her. When my wife and I surprisingly asked her why she demanded that, she simply and proudly told us that she had found herself on the list of Rich Kids at the school and as such it was natural for an RK not to run short of any school requisite or grocery.


In Genesis chapter 35 verses 16 to 20, we witness a dramatic incident where a name is given, but it is changed immediately. Before Rachel died she named her son Ben-oni meaning son of my sorrow or pain. Soon after that, Jacob changed the name to Benjamin meaning son of my right-hand. Jacob here can teach us many things. One thing is very clear. In whatever circumstance you face, do not be a pessimist. Let positivism be your portion. Why do I say so?


Benjamin was a son of Jacob’s old age and he loved him greatly, especially after Joseph had been sold as a slave into Egypt. Jacob was unwilling to let him go with his brothers to go to Egypt to buy food for the whole starving family. The second time that Jacob’s sons were to go back to buy food in Egypt, Jacob was still not willing to release Benjamin to travel into Egypt. Later on Judah as the spokesperson of the brothers said this regarding Benjamin: “The boy cannot leave his father, for if he should leave his father, his father would die.” (Genesis 44 verse 22)


Judah had assured Jacob to guard Benjamin with his own life as brothers left for Egypt. Because of such assurance, Jacob released Benjamin to follow his brother in order to secure food for the family since the whole world was experiencing famine except Egypt because of Joseph’s revealed plan from God to save people from starvation. When Joseph told the brothers that they should leave Benjamin with him in Egypt, Judah once more said, “Now therefore, please let your servant remain instead of the boy as a servant to my lord, and let the boy go back with his brothers. For how can I go back to my father if the boy is not with me? I fear to see the evil that would find my father.” (Genesis 44 verses 33 and 34).


The humble prophet, Moses, blessed Benjamin’s descendants as outlined in Deuteronomy 33 verse 12, “The beloved of the Lord dwells in safety. The High God surrounds him all day long, and dwells between his shoulders.”

This was one of the special blessings showered upon Benjamin’s descendants not forgetting the one he received from his father, Jacob, before his death. It went as follows: “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf, in the morning devouring his prey, and at evening dividing the spoils.”

This meant that Benjamin’s future would involve strength and success.


It is high time you changed your name if it does not imply blessings. Why should you live a cursed life when you, yourself can change things for better? Jacob did not want to be reminded of the sad event of grieving for his wife when his son was supposed to be by his side comforting him. Therefore, Benjamin lived a lifestyle that pleased his father and brought joy to him. Do not be like the Ngoni ethnic group which remembers sad events through naming babies. Even those babies lead such lifestyles as imposed upon them by their parents. You should replace a sad name with a joyful name that shall attract blessings instead of cursing.


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  1. The diversity at which this post made use of still baffles me. You have drawn allusion from the Bible and also address the normal daily life activities and and a little tips just to pass across the need to have a name change which will equivalent title and perception change in our daily living. Wow! I really like this and surely I love every bit of this reading

  2. With no doubt, there are powers in names and this is one thing most people don’t understand, so believe that it’s just a means of identity for them to call their kids by so they tend to ascribe situations relatedness to names. It’s really good and enlightening that you could use scriptural examples of condemning names that were changed to good and glorious names. This has really taught me a lot of lessons, this should reach out to more people, they need to be aware of this fact. Thanks for being a blessing to me, its really good.

    1. Hi DreaJay,

      Thanks very much for leaving indelible footprints on my site. I really appreciate it. You are very welcome.


  3. This is one very thoughtful article and one of the best I have seen today. Naming someone is an act that is tied to the supernatural realm. I agree with you on the fact that the name given to someone can affect them in life. The name we call someone is more like a proclamation into the life of a person. Just like the example of the African believe with naming a child. Morally and religiously, no one should bear a name that doesn’t add meaning to one’s being.

  4. Very interesting read. The changing of your name is used to mean many different things in your post, I truly enjoy that. Why stay in a sad or not blessed name when you can change it? I love a good life but am very interested in looking into this wealthy affiliate you are talking about. It would be nice to have a passive income to be able to enjoy more time with my family. Thank you for writing about this I’m going to look into it now! 

  5. The name is a very cogent tool for making a diffence. It can serve as a tool to give motivation to us and can also serve as a believe restorer when we are in some situations. Sometimes, names are great and when it is attached to what does not attach blessing to us, there is need to change it. This is great and an eye opener. Thumbs up

    1. Hi Shelly,

      I appreciate your stopping by and leaving valuable comments on my site. I have seen people who have changed their names for better ones and they are now glad that they did it.


  6. Interesting discussion. Both my daughters have African names, but we did research on their meanings before we did our final selection in each case. I know of those many instances in the Bible when a name change was done because there was some kind of transformation. Several years ago I went to a church service in which the pastor said “Be careful what you name your child. You will be calling him/her by that name over and over and he/she will become it”. Thanks for this article.

    1. Hi JJ,

      Thank you very much for revealing what your pastor said about being particular in naming a child. He was right. Names have an important effect which can affect the bearer positively or negatively.


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