Repayment of Student Loans vs Wealthy Affiliate – Jerry’s and Amy’s Way

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This post is about the Repayment of Student Loans vs Wealthy Affiliate – Jerry’s and Amy’s Way. Before leaving office, President Obama increased the access to student educational loans by 9%. In 2019, the figures of non-repayment of student educational loans is still rising. It is not long ago that Yahoo News reported the difficulties that many students in the United States of America (USA) face in repaying student educational loans.

Various methods have been created to try to resolve this issue, but the figure of non-repayment of educational loans is still very high to the extent of worrying the economists. The Army has its own way of making their workers resolve this issue and so is the public service.

Yahoo news reported that some former students take even twenty to thirty years to clear such educational repayment programs. Yahoo also came up with high paying jobs that make one complete repaying the student educational loans within the period of ten years.
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Whichever method is used for the repayment of student loans, no method beats the Wealthy Affiliate – Jerry and Amy’s way. As a university or college student, you are advised to join Wealthy Affiliate and you would be assured of earning enough online income which will enable you not only to repay and clear your loan, but also become financially independent long before the earliest people repay their loans. Here is Amy’s advice for people who need financial breakthrough:

About AmyHD

Joined November 2018

Premium Top 200 Rank 177

The 1-3-5-7 Formula for Success?

“It takes about 1 year to learn the basic skills in any business.

It takes about 3 years of working a business part-time to create a full-time income.

It takes about 5 years of working a business part-time to earn a six-figure income.
It takes about 7 years of working a business part-time to become a professional, a top earner.“

—Eric Worre (also chuckholmes)

So, hang in there.

You will see good results faster if you put more time and effort into your work.

“Work while they Sleep.

Learn while they Party.

Save while they Spend.

Then live like They Dream.”

—Daniel Riemann

Update: 3-5-2019, Second website has been indexed.

Update: 2-12-2019, WA ranking broke 200.

Update: 12-12-2018, My first website has been indexed.

Hi everyone. My name is Amy. I’m from Beijing of China. I’ve moved into America 8 years ago. It has been an adventure and a challenge for me. Everything is different. But I love it here. I love the people, I love the environment, also I love the fact that I can get more opportunities.
Now I want to start a new journey that has my own online business and I want to be successful. I know it’s not easy as I’m a newbie, also English is my second language, it’s not perfect. So there is so much to learn.

I’m so excited to join WA community and look forward to learning more. I am willing to and ready to put all my effort to achieve my goals.

How to Make Money online with an Affiliate Website



This Is Real Passive Income

Last Update: June 03, 2019

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing great.

Last Sunday my son graduated from Cornell University and will soon start his internship at Google.

We’ve gone to his graduation ceremony and gone for a road trip, so I haven’t updated my website for one week.

However, I kept checking my site data every day and happy to saw it’s making good progress.

Since I found my real target audiences 2 weeks ago, my website traffic has taken off. The best times I got over 1K users and nearly 3K page views in a day. The bounce rate dropped to 60-70% and the Avg. Session duration increased to 3-4 minutes.

Even in the week we were away, I wasn’t able to post new articles, my site still had at least over one hundred users a day and most of them were returning users.

Along with that my earning is increasing as well.

Only in two weeks, I have made $121 from Amazon Affiliate and $19 from Google Adsense.

I know it is not a big number, but it is certainly a beginning. Especially most of them are passive Income, I mean, my site generated the money by itself when I was away or asleep.

Every morning I log in to my Amazon Affiliate account and enjoy watching more orders show up.

I also got more organic comments.

I remember when my website just came live I was so worried that my articles were not good enough and nobody would read them.

However, all I heard from my audiences are how they enjoyed reading my posts and thanking me to share the valuable information to them.

My audiences are my biggest inspirations. They encourage me to create more quality contents.

I am in the health and wellness niche, people say it’s very competitive. The good news is high competition also means there are more demands.

All I need to do is to keep writing informative articles.

From my experience, I want you to know, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

Set your mind for a higher level of yourself and don’t look back.

Don’t sell yourself short. You are better than you think.

Don’t ever give up. If you just start, you have to aware that it’s not a making money quick method. Be patient, the money will come eventually.

Find your real target audiences and do your best to engage them will help build your authority.

Providing useful information. Help people to solve problems then money will follow.

We are in a marathon. Don’t rush through. Take your time to learn, to experiment, to practice.

Enjoy your beautiful journey!!

Thank you for reading my post and hope you enjoy it.

Have a wonderful day!



You can also enjoy advice from Jerry Huang as he narrates the way to quick financial freedom below:

About JerryHuang

Joined May 2016

Premium Top 50 Rank 34

WA Super Affiliate | 21yo Full-time Affiliate Marketer | College Dropout | Laptop Lifestyle????

[Updated Feb 2019]

My name is Jerry. I come from Taichung, Taiwan. I’m a 21-year-old high school graduate/College Dropout and I’m currently living in Taiwan.

I had a place in National University of Singapore, Top University of Asia, but I wasn’t planning to get my degree so I withdrew from it. The reason is simple. I’ve given up on Traditional Education, not because I couldn’t study but because Traditional Education is DEAD!

If you go and learn from many of the successful people today, they’ll tell you exactly the same thing. What’s more important is Financial Education and Personal Development which is what I am pursuing every single day of my life.

“Formal Education will make you a living; Self-Education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

I quit Traditional Education but that doesn’t mean my education stops. Education is a lifelong process but we need to feed our mind with the right thing and not what the traditional society or our parents, our peers want us to learn.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve accomplished my 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Milestone and well on my way to Financial Freedom!

My 3 main goals for now are:

1. Attend the Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference with 3000 Sales (instead of just 300)

2. Marry my girlfriend by year 2020

3. Millionaire by 25

If you want to learn more about me, here’s my story:

– The Beginning –

I decided to start my online business when I saw an advertising video on YouTube in 2016. (I was 18 yo) The guy in the video was enjoying life on a boat saying that he was also making money at the same time. I was intrigued by this concept of making money online passively.

He is the co-founder of another program called the “Six Figure Mentors (SFM)”. It was my first online venture so I happily paid some fees to join because they make it seems so good.

Long story short, it was a program with lots of high-ticket up sells (all the way up to $20,000 for their highest membership level!!). This is very similar to programs like MOBE, Legendary Marketer, AWOL Academy and Digital Altitude.

Of course, I didn’t pay up to that amount but eventually I wasted a few hundred bucks on this low quality program.

– The Turning Point –

Fortunately, I found Wealthy Affiliate while I was in my last month with SFM. Since WA is FREE to join, I quickly created my Starter Account with WA and dived into their level one training.

WA’s training is so detailed and step-by-step that helped me build up a really strong foundation in online marketing within the first two months. I quickly upgraded to Premium in the first week by the way. (I upgraded to Yearly soon after because I knew I’ll be a WA member for life!)

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s wonderful training and support, I now consider myself experienced in Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and WordPress website building. (I’m now helping clients to build or transform their websites! Hit me up if you need this kind of service)

Currently, I’m also making a consistent 4-Figure monthly passive income from my websites as well (I’ve hit 5 figures for certain months) and living the laptop lifestyle where I don’t have to report to anybody, wake up early for any jobs… I can work anywhere as long as I have my laptop and internet connection!

For those of you who are still reading my profile at this point, I appreciate that and I highly recommend you to give WA a try if you haven’t signed up yet. If you’re a Starter Member, the only thing I can tell you is that upgrading to WA Premium was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far (although I’m just 21 lol). I hope to read your success story very soon.

– My Personal Life –

I have a girlfriend who is 10 years older than me. We’ve been together for over 4 years and I plan to marry her by 2020.

The past 4 years have been tough because we were in a long-distance relationship (LDR) since the start. I’m in Singapore and she’s in Taiwan.

She is always my motivation to achieve Time & Financial Freedom online as soon as possible. Marrying her by 2020 is the goal I promise to myself and to her.


In the Internet Marketing industry, the sky really is the limit. I wish you all the best in your endeavors! Let’s brave through the obstacles and achieve our end goals together!



P.S. My hobby: Badminton:)

#MillionaireBy25 #LifeWillNeverBeTheSame #Freedom

Are you still in doubt? With Amy’s and Jerry’s online income, can you fail to repay your education loan in less than ten years? Are you ready to begin your online journey? Just click on the photo below and you shall be inside the members’ area when you join. Only then will you appreciate what financial freedom means to those who pursue it.


Are you still in doubt? With Amy’s and Jerry’s online income, can you fail to repay your education loan in less than ten years? Are you ready to begin your online journey? Just click on the photo below and you shall be inside the members’ area when you join. Only then will you appreciate what financial freedom means to those who pursue it.

See you in the members’area soon.

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  1. Yeeeees! You can’t go wrong with Jim Rohn. 

    We reference him in many of our posts, especially those that discuss lifestyle design and/or success.

    I love the quote you included in this post, “Formal Education will make you a living; Self-Education will make you a fortune.”

    I also love the inspiring tone of this post. It would be of great help to people just starting out and actually, even those who’ve been in the business a few months in.

    Sometimes, your greatest enemy is yourself and you just can’t stop the self-doubt, the comparing with other more established and successful online entrepreneurs or even the impostor syndrome that always rears its ugly head.

    You are so right – this is a marathon and not a sprint so there is no need to rush.

    I love it. 🙂

    • You are 100% correct. Let the people wake up and realise that conventional lifestyle can hardly make one handle a fortune, but affiliate marketing can.

  2. This is interesting. I’m curious about how long it took to go from the low starting income (just over $100) for Jerry and Amy, to where are they currently? Also, do they share where they are now regarding the weekly / monthly income? Why does Jerry think that some months are 5 figure income and others are not? All of this is very interesting and we all like to see a good inspirational story of success!

    • You are right, Aly. Wealthy Affiliate in most cases go beyond one’s expectations of earning income online. You shall eventually find yourself with more money than you ever dreamed of.


  3. Oh wow, looks like a lot of research went into making this post. I didn’t really know about the students loan and how it has become really hard to repay such loans. Well, thanks to wealthy affiliate, more people are able to make passive income and experience financial freedom. I too have just joined wealthy affilia affiliate and this stories you have posted are really inspiring. I’d be sure to share the po

    • Thank you for your compliment. Sharing this post will enlighten many people who are struggling to repay the educational loans. Wealthy Affiliate is the real solution here. Imagine one person spending half his working life repaying the educational loans.


  4. Hi, your post is an eye opener to how to live a fulfilling life through wealthy affiliate I am with you and evrrybthingbyou have discussed about wealthy affiliate is true, am a.premium user but I and not yet experience like you and I have never start to earn from wealthy affiliate, I reallyvlove the way tour audience on your website gives your more courage.

    this is what I also love about wealthy affiliate the community is friendly and they will always be there for your success.your post is helpful to let those that are in boundage of loan to learn from method tomb wealthy to get over the student loans or any type of loans with the help of wealthy affiliate.

  5. Thanks for such an inspirational article! I absolutely believe that with the income you can earn with Wealthy Affiliate you can easily repay students loans. I would even go so far as to say you could pay off all of your debts. 

    The greatest part about Wealthy Affiliate is the encouraging words and advice from top earners like you included here. Thanks again for sharing this info! 


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