Making money online with SFM or Wealthy Affiliate

This review concerns Making Money Online with SFM/DEA and Wealthy Affiliate. One is bound to ask how these two websites can help anybody to make money online. To what extent can the owners avail themselves to ensure that their new client starts making money online? Or do these trainers belong to a scamming group that milks you out of your hard-earned savings? Read up to the end and you shall be in a better position to make a well-informed decision.

What do the letters SFM stand for?

The letters SFM stand for Six Figure Mentors and their site is

Which is the site for Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate can be found at

Who are the co-founders of SFM?

The co-founders of SFM are Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek from the year 2010. It is a British based digital business. They call their experts Digital Experts Academy (DEA).

Who are the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate?

The co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim from the year 2005. It is a Canadian based digital business.

Making money online with SFM or Wealthy Affiliate

What are the two sites involved in?

Both SFM and Wealthy Affiliate sites are involved in training affiliate marketers from all over the world.

Who are the affiliate marketers?

These are people who get trained to promote company or people’s products so that they can earn a commission when they direct people to buy such products. Their profits increase for each sale that is made. Some end up with more than a $1,000,000 annually.

Are six figure incomes achievable to the trainees of both SFM and Wealthy Affiliate?

Let us take it this way: if an affiliate marketer from either SFM or Wealthy Affiliate is earning passive income of monthly $8340, then the six figure income has become achievable. This works out to an income of $336 per day. Both sites then have achieved their goal of empowering their affiliates with a six figure income.

Making money online with SFM and Wealthy Affiliate

Both businesses claim they would teach their clients or members how to earn six figures incomes online by the time they are through with the trainings. It is difficult to know to what extent their goals have been accomplished. Whether it is a question of more affiliate marketers being found at Wealthy Affiliate (WA), this platform seems to host many six figure income earners.

What sort of training outline is availed to affiliate trainees at both sites?

Making money online with SFM and Wealthy Affiliate

Both SFM/DEA and Wealthy Affiliate seems to have similar course outline availed to their affiliates. They encourage their trainees to find a niche and train them to find relevant keywords to their niche. After this, the trainee finds a product and start writing posts about that particular product. They write putting in mind the desires of Search Engines Optimization (SEO) which include Google, Bing and Yahoo.

What is found inside the members’ area?

Both sites have activity dashboards; the first one is for SFM while the second one is for Wealthy Affiliate:


Making money online with DEA and Wealthy Affiliate


Making money online with SFM and Wealthy Affiliate

Do both sites teach their affiliates that they will make money in a haste manner?

Both affiliates teach that making money online is not as quick as making instant coffee. One has to be serious with work as it involves building an online business that has to have a solid foundation. Actually, the solid foundation business leads to a lifetime of passive income that make your children and grandchildren benefit from your efforts.


Do both sites offer online training?

Yes, both sites offer online training.

Do both sites have person to person coaching?

Yes, both sites have person to person or individual coaching.

Do both sites have weekly live webinars?

Yes, both sides have weekly live seminars.

Do both sites encourage high ticket affiliate sales?

Yes, both sites encourage high ticket affiliate sales.

Do both sites have recorded video trainings?

Yes, both sites have recorded video training.

Do both sites offer affiliate sales programs?

Yes, both sites offer affiliate sales programs. They offer 40% each per affiliate sale.

Do both sites encourage affiliates to build their websites?

Yes, both sites encourage their members to build their websites.

Do both sites offer site support?

Yes, both sites offer site support.

Do both sites offer excellent training facilities/

Yes, both sites offer training facilities.

Do both sites offer a helpful community among the members?

Making money online with SFM and Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, both sites offer an excellent helpful community among the members.

Do both have the co-founders helping out individual members who may get overwhelmed with trainings?

Yes, both co-founders reach out to their clients who may get overwhelmed with trainings.

Making money online with SFM and Wealthy Affiliate

Can both sites make you rich through affiliate marketing?

Yes, both sites can make you rich. Now riches among affiliate marketers are categorized as follows:

The first one belongs to the affiliate marketers who are on the apprenticeship level. These are the ones who lose money through the training that they are receiving. The second group belongs to the low level affiliate marketers who earn anything from $0 to $300 per day. The middle level affiliate marketer earns anywhere from $300 up to $3000 daily. The “rich” affiliate marketers are those who earn above $3000 daily. However, there are super affiliates who earn passive income above $10,000 per day. These figures are profits and not revenue.

What is the major difference then because these sites have many similarities?

The major difference for these sites is seen when you look at subscription to membership.

How much does SFM/DEA cost?

The Six Figure Mentors is free only for the first module of their training but after that you have to subscribe as follows;

Product Retail Price ELITE+ Commission

SFM Application $29.95 $20

SFM BUSINESS SYSTEM UPGRADE $297 ($197 Special) $200 ($100 on special)

SFM MEMBERSHIP $97 per month $20 monthly subscription

ELITE MEMBERSHIP $2500 per year $1000

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

Starter membership is free but you are denied to certain privileges like owning 10 websites because you are only limited to two sites. However, when you are upgrade within the seven days of your free starter membership, you would have an advantage of paying only $19 dollars that particular month. The rest would be $49 monthly.

My review details for SFM/DEA are as follows:


My review details for Wealthy Affiliate are as follows:


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  1. A good review Joseph and something that I concur with.

    I actually signed up for the SFM program and stuck with it for about 3 weeks before I decided that it wasn’t for me. There are clearly some very smart and engaging people there who are great at sharing their knowledge but their key motivator from my perspective was to promote their own offering and have people sell the SFM product as opposed to educating us all on affiliate marketing which is what I was certainly after. By contrast, the WA program gets straight to the point and builds the core knowledge whilst at the same time gets you building your business from day one so it was an easy choice for me.

    All the best – Jason.

    • You are right, Jason. I had a similar experience myself. You feel more at home at Wealthy Affiliate than at SFM. I wish you great success here.



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