Healthy Lifestyles Tips – Visiting Morocco Part 2

These healthy lifestyle tips – visiting Morocco Part 2 is a continuation from Part One. There are many places of interest which Mother Earth has offered us. People can go to any length just to visit some of these places. Therefore, if you are physically, mentally and financially sound, one of the places you can favorably consider visiting is Morocco. It is at the tip of Northwestern Africa at the coast of Atlantic Ocean.

Some of the people consider Morocco as a blue country simply because of the land being partially surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. As I said in my part one episode, Morocco’s historical and fascinating sites are too numerous to be mentioned in one article.

You cannot just visit Morocco without touching Rabat or Marrakech. The former is the capital city of Morocco, but Marrakech can be described as the tourist capital of Morocco. While the King has palaces in Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech to boost tourists’ attraction, no tourist should miss visiting these important towns or cities.

Rabat, being the capital city of Morocco with the population of less than one and a half million people hosts the Chella. The Chella is an ancient historical site dating to as far back as AD 40. The ruins are traced back to Roman dominance of Morocco before the Catholics surrendered to Muslims in the 7th to 8th century. Once inside the walls, a look at the trees would make you think you are in a tropical country when you reach there in spring. Inside one of the ruined buildings is found a grave for a king of the twelfth century. Behind the ruins is a green garden beside a stream. It is believed that many women visit the stream and the garden for fertility purpose.

Narrow street in Rabat

The Kasbah compound is also found in Rabat. It is believed to have been established in the eleventh century. It is sometimes referred to as the blue streets with stairs winding down to the Atlantic Ocean. The Sultan of the early twelfth century built the compound for fortification purposes. The ocean view from the Kasbah is both fascinating and magnificent. The streets in this compound are too narrow to accommodate even a small car.

Another tourist attraction in Rabat is called the Hassan Tower. It is also known as “Tour Hassan.” A Caliph in the twelfth century by the name of Yaqub Al Mansur wanted to build a mosque with the tallest minaret from the biggest mosque in the whole world. However, he died before fulfilling his dream. Many centuries later, the mosque has an impressive appearance and is a good tourist’s attraction.

Not far from Hassan Tower is the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. The site has its own way of attracting tourists as it is a show piece of modern Moroccan architecture. Inside are the spectacular tombs of the past kings of Morocco. Entrance is free. Mohammed Sultan, who rests there, was instrumental for Moroccan Independence. Others of royalty are buried there.

The king’s palace in Rabat can be visited only when you have a visa with you just at the entrance itself. The guards are very friendly and helpful in any way possible. You can also enjoy the train ride from Casablanca to Rabat and you can enjoy many spectacular views.

Marrakech used to be for a long time a political, commercial and cultural centre hence its advancement in many cultural activities. The city is full of many magnificent and inspiring spaces.

Marrakech is also a gateway to the desert as well as to the Atlas Mountains. However, there are some important tourist attractions within the city. The Medina (or Central market) is annexed to the city square. It is full of buzzling and vibrant sounds emanating from traditional musicians, conjurors and many more.

On special occasions, almost a third of the city gathers at the Djemma el-fna Square to enjoy buying from stall vendors who are found there throughout the day and into late evening. Monkey shows are really fascinating to look at.

Open market days within the square become exciting to both the seller and buyer of souvenirs and other items including food stuffs. Snake charmers become excited, too, and look forward to impressing whoever would pay attention to them at a fee, of course. There are many interesting items, but many similar items are cheaper in Casablanca, the commercial center of Morocco.

The Marrakech museum is linked to the most visited Majorelle Garden at a fee. The greenery inside is wonderful as gardeners give particular attention to the species of plants and flowers in a meticulous way. Within the premises is a café-restaurant which serves sumptuous food that you can look forward to eating again and again.’

There is also a bookstore, a fashion boutique and a Saint Laurent’s legendary artifact. Actually, Saint Laurent  had been a French fashion icon for most of his adult life and that is why the museum was built just to show his master pieces in the world of fashion.

Other places of interest in Marrakech include visiting waterfalls about two and half hours drive in a well conditioned vehicle.  You can manage to see the one hundred and ten meters Ouzoud Waterfall and be able to capture captivating photographs from various angles, The whole scenery is breathtaking.

The hospitality positive attitude of Moroccans is second to none. They know how to make a tourist welcome in the most possible way. One can hardly think of home once you are in their midst.

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  1. Great post! This makes me wanna go and explore Morocco too. It is definitely in my bucket list now. I am fascinated by ruins of old civilizations and kingdoms so visiting those places you mentioned above is a pleasure for me.

    I am also a lover of waterfalls. So thank you for mentioning Ouzoud Waterfall.



    1. Hey Arwil,

      May God grant you the desires of your heart. You will definitely enjoy your stay in Morocco.


  2. This article comes at the right time because my ultimate dream is to travel the world once I’m making my passive income business come into reality. While I’m undoubtedly still a good ways off, the dream draws nearer with each day of hard work. With this, I take a lot of time reading articles on travel blogs, especially ones that take me to foreign countries.

    I’ve long known that Morocco is a hotspot for travel, having known a few people who had ventured to the history-rich nation. I even know a guy who met his future wife there while on a business trip. Casablanca is the one place I know is attractive, but I never really thought of Rabat or Marrakech. 

    Casablanca and Rabat would be my number one choices, though, since they’re located right by the ocean and really not too far from one another Marrakech is a little ways off, but would be on my list if I had time after visiting the attractions Casablanca and Rabat offer. 

    1. Hi Todd,

      Good to hear about your dreams of visiting foreign countries. I am sure you shall not be disappointed with the tourists’ site in Morocco. may God fulfill your heart’s desire.

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