Healthy Lifestyles Tips – Walking With God Job’s Way

This post is about Healthy Lifestyle Tips – Walking with God Job’s Way. Many people overlook the kind of lifestyle Job displayed in the midst of joy, sadness, poverty and illness. If twenty-five per cent of the men’s population on earth were to emulate Job, there could be real happiness in many places of our planet.


Job does not know that God has allowed Satan to test him. Satan thinks God has protected job and his family including his property zealously. Besides, God has given Job and his family very good health. Without these things, Satan thinks Job cannot praise and worship God wholeheartedly. When Satan strikes job with calamity by ensuring that all his ten children die the same day, and all his wealth vanishes together with his children, Job’s misfortune is compounded by his friends. His friends find him in a grievous and unhealthy mood. His body has been stuck with sores to the extent that dogs come to lick his body. They tell him that he has sinned greatly and that is why God has meted such punishment to him.


With Job’s lifestyle, one can trace his self- discipline to his strong faith in pleasing God. Being the richest man in the east as the Bible tells us in Job chapter one, Job did not allow his riches to disturb his relationship with his God. Amos chapter 3 v 3 says two people cannot walk together unless they agree. Furthermore, the Bible does not tell us when Job was called to start following God or when Job asked God to be His follower. However, his lifestyle tells us that he was a strong follower of God.


We see in many chapters, right from the opening one, that Job was an ardent believer in his God, whom he addresses as his Redeemer in Job 19 v 25. In this case, God who had redeemed Israel from being a slave in Egypt and had also redeemed Israel from bondage in Babylon would come to his help and restore his former status and health. His conviction about this was so strong that he rebuked his wife and told her that people had to receive both good and bad things from God.


Job is somehow busy preaching to men today to emulate him in his opinion about single ladies. In the book of Job chapter 31 v 1, he says that he had made a covenant with his eyes not to lust after a maiden. His decision is a good lesson to all men today, whether rich or poor, influential or not. One has to look around and find it difficult to ignore how many politicians have fallen prey to what Job overcame. The clergymen and women have not been left out and so are the many academicians and managers of both private and public service.


Politicians are perpetrators of this vice because of the power they yield to solve monetary or job fulfillment to people who want any favor from them. Apart from the innocent public, they victimize workmates in less position than theirs. They fail to control themselves sexually and would entice many single, and unfortunately, married ladies. Therefore, Job calls this as an inheritance for the wicked to be punished by God Himself.


The lack of sexual control in religious circles leaves much to be desired. While the married women are not completely safe, the worst victims are children. The Catholic Church has been one of the worst victims in this aspect with many uncountable allegations of sexual assault of which some have appeared in courts of law.


Women looking for employment easily become victims of sexual assault if they are under qualified, but are under pressure socially to be employed. Some Human Resource employees and some managers entice women with job offers only upon the young lady or woman succumbing to sexual union. Job is reminding them that their wickedness will not go unpunished.



Some lectures in the academic world are stingy in awarding marks to the deserving female students because of their evil intention of trying to sleep with them. They will give flimsy excuses to the female student the reason for obtaining low instead of the high marks. In her quest to graduate from the college or university, the student will give in. Both the student and the lecturer will face the wrath of God eventually.


In Africa, the idea of lusting after a maiden goes beyond what a normal person can imagine. In their quest to accumulate riches, witch doctors advise men who want to get rich quickly to enhance the accumulation of riches by sleeping with infant girls, little girls or any girl who has not experienced her menstruation period. Sometimes, this problem leads to girls being victims of incest regardless of how small they may be. The media are full of reports of defilement or incest in this matter.


One reading the book of Job cannot help, but admire the perseverance that Job experienced. His three friends who came to comfort him ended up attacking him left, center, forwards and backwards in trying to justify themselves that they were more righteous than Job. No wonder he was heavily punished by God for his past sins which included committing fornication and adultery with the married women. However, Job defends himself by stating that if his heart had been enticed by a woman or if he had lurked at his neighbor’s door then God should punish him severely by letting his wife grind for another man and letting other people bend over her. (Job 31 vs 9 and 10.


In his quest to justify himself, Job went on to tell his friends who were accusing him of a sinful life he might have led to deserve severe punishment from God that he had been a person who had not forgotten charity works. He assisted the poor and that he made widows sing with joy. Such acts had pleased his God and that is why he was convinced that God would rescue him sooner or later. James 1 v 27 states, “Pure and undefiled religion before God is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”

No wonder God doubly restored Job’s healthy, property and blessed him with seven sons and three very beautiful daughters. His friends who had added salt to his wound were advised by god to go back to Job and seek forgiveness and allow the same Job to pray for them. God is always faithful to those who trust Him.


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  1. Hai Thank you for sharing this 

    This topics is about believe and about hoe they treat women in de religie ??

    What i know about religie that is trek its not only with the katholiek its every religie you have this sort things 

    But its not only women that suffer its also boys that are childeren what i know But there is nobody talking about 

    But What i wee in the post is that is trek what its rating about religie in each religie you have good and bad people the post was Nice  nobody post zo much about religie but of i can help  you can ask me Thank you

    • Hi Selina,

      Religion is concerned about the affairs of each individual regardless of sex or age. God used anybody to his glory. Job was tested as a man to show the world that it is not difficult to be obedient to god in whatever circumstance. Thank you for visiting my site and leaving useful comments.


  2. I’ve read Job’s story in the bible and have always wondered how a man could test so much, yet still keep moving forward. Your blog sounds like you are very committed to what you are talking about in your post. I am leaning towards charity when Christmas comes around as that is when I feel closet to being able to give to connect with God. 

    • It is true, Eric. During Christmas, many people, particularly Christians would like to emulate Godly people who pleased their God in different ways. Job is a good inspiration to most of us.



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