Healthy Lifestyle Tips – Walking With God David’s Way Part 3


Do you know the aftermath of David’s victory over Goliath? The news of his victory spreads like wild fire. The news of his victory was too big and too sweet for one person to contend with. “David has killed Goliath! David has killed Goliath!”

The chanting goes on and on until those who have remained in the Israelite cities, towns, and villages start spreading the same victorious chant to the people who want to listen. The women are quick to compose a song about David and it is this same song that makes King Saul becomes jealous of his young soldier.

Some women in one town start singing; “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands.” (1 Samuel 18 v 7)

David had been singing at the palace for King Saul to be healed of his evil spirit which taunted him. He had not bothered to know who it was that made him feel well due to his soothing music. Even before David went to fight Goliath, King Saul had to ask his close servants, “Abner, whose son is this youth?” (1 Samuel 1 v 55)

There is something sweet associated with victory. Everybody wants to know who you are and they want if possible for you to tell them what it is that has caused you to shine your way to stardom. Everybody wants to associate himself or herself with the winner. It is therefore not surprising that even Princess Michal falls in love with the nonentity David who has risen overnight to stardom. Let us stop here for a moment without going into Michal’s story any further. We can now return to King Saul’s jealousy mood.

From the moment King Saul hears the women singing the victorious song in favor of David’s victory over Goliath, he starts looking at David with his heart burning with jealousy. At the back of his mind, he comes to realize that God is with David and this fact sends shivers down his spine. The only way he would not have a competitor by the name of DAVID is to eliminate him for good. Otherwise, his beloved Jonathan will not rule in his place after he has gone. David must be eliminated, whatever the cost.

King Saul does not fulfill his promise of giving one of his daughters to whoever kills the enemy number one of the nation Israel: GOLIATH. Merab, King Saul’s eldest daughter who was part of the bargain for killing Goliath is handed over to somebody else called Adriel the Meholathite. He then tries to fulfill his promise to David when he hears, Michal, his second daughter, is in love with the handsome David. But he adds more strings to the bargain by telling David to bring him one hundred foreskins of the Philistines. He hopes David should be killed in his quest to kill the one hundred Philistines.

To King Saul’s dismay, David returns with double the number he had desired – two hundred foreskins of the Philistines. However, even when King Saul hands over Michal, his daughter, to David as his wife, he hopes Michal to become a snare to him and to quickly bring him to his death. However, Michal is genuinely in love with David and does not wish him harm in any way. King Saul is disappointed later on when he finds that Michal protects David and allows him to escape from her father’s grip.

To worsen the matters for King Saul, his son, Jonathan becomes David’s best friend and is very loyal to him. On more than three occasions, Jonathan tries to convince his father not to harm David in any way, but to no avail. In fact, at one point, Jonathan is rebuked so strongly by his father that he remains with no alternative, but to tell his friend to escape and rescue his own life. King Saul pursues David into the wilderness after failing twice to pin him to the wall as he is brought into his chamber to sing. He is determined to end David’s life and thereby ending his popularity as a beloved soldier in Israel.

Jonathan continues to check on the safety of his friend as he runs away from King Saul’s jealousy mood. He feels more insecure as David becomes more and more popular with his victories against the Philistines. It is important to note at this point that leaders whom others love and loyally follow are usually those who express appreciation to their followers. They live the principle of affirmation. No wonder David becomes a crowd puller of those who want to support him as he runs away from King Saul. David draws to him many disgruntled servants of King Saul to him.

One important attribute accredited to David is that he does not desire to take vengeance on King Saul. He simply says he cannot bring his arm to harm the anointed one of God. He says this to defend his action when his followers urge him to kill King Saul because God has delivered him into his hands as he is relieving himself in a cave while on a mission to kill David. David only cuts off a piece of garment King Saul is wearing. Shortly afterward, David shows the piece of garment to King Saul and informs him, he could have been killed because God delivered him into his hands, but could not carry out such an abominable action. King Saul seems apologetic and repentant, but not for long.

King Saul’s heart burns with more jealousy and he goes out to hunt down David when he is informed that David is in a particular location where he can easily be cornered. This time an opportunity arises where David approaches King Saul’s camp where he is sleeping with his bodyguards. Abner, the son of Ner, has arranged his soldiers around where the King is sleeping while he, himself, sleeps next to the King to protect him. In the meantime, the King has stuck his own spear near his head to use it in a time of emergency.


David, with Abishai accompanying him, approaches the camp unnoticed by the sleeping King and his servants. He takes hold of the King’s spear and his jug of water and moves quietly away. As soon as he is at a safe distance, he shouts to Abner, the commander, for failing to protect the King while he was still sleeping. When he shows the King’s spear and water jug to them, King Saul is apologetic to David and he returns to his palace.

No wonder God had told Samuel to go and anoint one of Jesse’s sons who was after His own heart. You need to be like David who is ready to forgive those who have wronged him in various ways. King Saul had hurt David emotionally and his desire to have him killed was very strong, but David had to forgive King Saul many times. How many times have you forgiven your enemies? Is it only once? Jesus Christ said we should forgive our enemies seventy times seventy. Are you practicing this commandment? If you want to follow God’s heart, do so and god will not only protect you but shower you with unmerited favor and mercies.

Finally, do you remember what David answered when people approached him about Michal falling in love with him? He said in Samuel chapter 18 v 23, “Does it seem to you a light thing to be a king’s son-in-law seeing I am a poor and lightly esteemed man?”

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4 thoughts on “Healthy Lifestyle Tips – Walking With God David’s Way Part 3”

  1. Well written I must state. I have not read this story in this detail before. I am familiar with this account in the bible; but you have really done justice to the narration. The account shows the power of God to keep he whom he has set aside for great things. No matter the scheming and no matter how “powerful” the adversary is, he who God has protected cannot be harmed. Nice one.

    • Thank you very much, Yomi, for visiting my site and leaving such valuable comments. David is a good example of a person who can be kept by God’s powers in spite of evil people surrounding him. No wonder he wrote; “God lets my cup overflow in the presence of my enemies.”


  2. I am quite familiar with the story of David. Growing up in as a member of a Baptist church, I used to be eager to learn about the handsome,  brave little boy who fell a giant, trumped the attempts of a jealous king to murder him, and then finally becoming a king himself. He had so many admirable characteristics that modern heroes do not exhibit, which was why I admired him a lot. The fact that he was friends with the son of the man who had wanted to kill him taught me an important lesson that loyalty is a better trait than hatred. 

    • Hi Amanda,

      I am glad you stopped by to leave wonderful comments about David. He is every child’s hero and only Jesus Christ surpasses his heroism. I love him for his humility and obedience to please God even after being reprimanded by Prophet Nathan. I agree with you that loyalty produces and triumphs over evil. Jonathan and his friend David have taught us how to stick closer than a brother. 



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