Healthy Lifestyle Tips – Walking With God David’s Way Part 1

This post is about Healthy Lifestyles Tips – Walking with God David’s Way. Many people now have different lifestyles that can fall short of David. The more this generation tries to emulate David, the closer we shall all be to our God. This refers to both young, middle-aged and elderly people.

Most of the story about David’s life unfolds from the two books of first and second Samuel of the Holy Book: 1 Samuel chapter 16 all the way to 2 Samuel chapter 24. These interesting events begin with God anointing a leader through Samuel, of course. Therefore, in David’s walk with God, we can see God vividly at work as He chooses guides, chastises and blesses His leader, David, and prepares his people Israel for the coming Messiah through David’s lineage.

David’s call to leadership is quite interesting. Samuel, the prophet arrives at Jesse’s house ready to anoint one of David’s sons. He has been clearly instructed to anoint the only son whom God Himself shall choose. Jesse is also excited to host the prophet at his house. Of all houses in Bethlehem, the prophet has chosen to come and sacrifice at his house. What a blessing!

Before conducting any sacrifice, Samuel does not waste time, and informs Jesse that no sacrifice can be done without anointing one of his sons first. Both father and prophet are excited as Jesse’s firstborn child is paraded before him. Surely, the firstborn son should be anointed for great tasks for the Lord. Both of them are greatly disappointed when Eliab, the firstborn child of Jesse, is rejected by God.

Many questions run through the minds of both the prophet and Eliab’s father. If the firstborn child who is both handsome and athletic looking can be rejected, who then shall be accepted? Both of them did not know that a rude shock awaited them as one elderly son after another got rejected. A worried look overshadowed them as all the six sons of Jesse who were presented to the prophet got rejected.

“Jessy! Are all these your only sons? Surely, I am not here by mistake because God does not lie! Let every man be a liar and God be truthful. Bring more sons here and right now or else I shall do nothing else until that child comes,” the prophet announced.

Panic seizes Jesse. All his sons have been paraded before the prophet, and only the youngest one is missing. To make matters worse, he was out tending the family sheep. Why had he not thought of young David before? Maybe he had overlooked many good qualities in his youngest child. What it that he had missed? Young David had never reported any missing sheep! Young David was a good singer! People had reported David singing good melodious songs about God’s strength and protection He offers to those who trust him.

“Eliab! Go along with two of your brothers and bring David from the sheep’s pasture. You have heard what the prophet has said. He will not rest until he has seen David in front of him,” said Jesse.

Eliab rushes along and follows his father’s instructions to the letter. Not long afterward, he returns with the young handsome David. The odor of animal skin and smoke accompanies him as he approaches Samuel. The prophet’s eyes light up as his eyes meet David’s. His heart is now at peace. God cannot be wrong. There is something special about Jesse’s youngest son. The waiting for this moment was worthwhile.
This reminds me of Nelson Mandela. Twenty-seven years of political imprisonment could not deter him from what God had led on his shoulders: to be a leader in one of the great nations of Africa, South Africa. Many whites had overruled a black person from becoming a president in South Africa, in spite of many races within the nation. He was a forgotten figure in prison. Little did the nation expect Nelson Mandela to be their president upon release from prison. God works with time. Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever situation you are, regardless of how people belittle you, God will make you appear at the right time. God’s timing is said to be the best.

A similar situation occurred in the United States of America (USA) when Barrack Obama became president. If Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon were to wake up from their graves, they would have been greatly surprised to find a black person ruling America. Their faces could wear a puzzling look and ask the Americans what on earth made them vote for a black president. To us, we are now not surprised anymore as we shall simply reply to their query, “God’s timing is the best.”

The way God recognized David when everybody despised him in the family that is how God will locate you in your company, family or business. He will elevate you one of these days regardless of the “impossible” circumstances surrounding you. Remember that there is nothing impossible with God. He will elevate you one of these days in one way or another. Just keep on trusting Him.

Let us get back to our story of David. After being anointed King of Israel at the age of seventeen years, the situation arose when Jesse asked David to take foodstuffs to his brothers who were at the battle front fighting the Philistines. David is obedient to his father and runs on the errand. He does not know at this stage that taking food stuffs to his brothers at the battlefield will make him famous in the whole of Israel.

Who does not want to be famous? The genuine answer is that everyone wants to be famous. Other people can say outwardly that they do not want to be famous. The truth is that, inwardly, they have a desire to be so except that chances have come their way, but did not know how they missed them. Please, do not argue with me at this point because Ecclesiastes 9 v 11 says the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong nor bread to the wise nor riches to men of understanding nor favor to the men of skill, but time and chance happens to them all.

Indeed, many youths of our current times should have been on their way to fame except that they disobeyed their parents at one time or another bringing disqualification of some kind upon their own heads. You should remember that Joseph eventually became the Governor of Egypt because of his obedience to taking foodstuffs to his brothers who were busy looking after their sheep. From there, he was sold into Egypt where he was appointed governor after years of suffering as a slave. Therefore, our youths have a lot to learn about obedience from both Joseph and David.

Going back to the story of David, we see him give the foodstuffs to his brothers and deliver his father’s warm greetings to them. He then hears something very disturbing. It is so disturbing that his inner soul is touched. He strains his ears to try to get the words correctly. What he hears disturbs his heart and soul even further. Maybe he had not heard correctly. However, his ears do not betray him because what he hears has a different impact on all the soldiers trying to fight the battle on behalf of Israel. They are all afraid. Look out for part 2 of this interesting healthy tip.

However, many men are afraid of many things. They are afraid of going to hell, but they do not want to do something positive about it which can make them reach heaven. Others are afraid of the future, but they do not want to face the future with boldness. Others are afraid of poverty, but they do not want to start embarking on ventures that will eliminate poverty. Here is my number one recommendation of a program that can enable you to experience financial freedom so that you face the future with a bright face regarding finances. You can join the Wealthy Affiliate community freely by clicking the photo below. You shall not regret your decision.

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6 thoughts on “Healthy Lifestyle Tips – Walking With God David’s Way Part 1”

  1. It seems that Jessie only look at the physical or outer appearance of things in life while GOD look inward for the qualities for selecting a leader for Israel.Out of all the son of Jessie only DAVID had the qualities that GOD is looking for.It seems that David is a GOD fearing kid during his 17 years.He learned to listen to his inner voice for direction everyday during his life up to the day when he was chosen as a leader by prophet Samuel.God spirit is within him.

    • You are right, Jack. People can rule you out, but God in His own timing can uplift. Thank you very much for stopping by.

  2. The story of David from a Shepard boy to king is so amazing although he had so many challenges his total dependence on God cause him to sit on the throne. We should never despise small beginnings but trust in God who is our source and who will help us to become all that he has purpose for us.

    • I agree with you, Norman. Goliath despised a small sized youth approaching him to fight, but he ended up being killed. Some people at Wealthy Affiliate start with no credit card at all, but end up with tons of money. Thank you for stopping by my site. I really appreciate your comments. God bless you abundantly.

    • Hi John,
      Thank you very much for stopping by. We all need to be inspired in one way or another. There many people out there who are hopeless and they need you and I to inspire them the way David inspired the hopeless soldiers.


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