Healthy Lifestyles Tips – Visiting Morocco Part 1

These Healthy Lifestyles Tips – Visiting Morocco as a good decision to be made by anybody in his or her right frame of mind should be helpful to any traveler who intends to go out of his or her country. Morocco is one beautiful country which should be visited by any person who loves Mother Earth.

With the introduction of internet, the world has become a global village more than ever before. Sound decisions by people with good healthy lifestyles are made on everyday basis. However, if you are all mentally, physically and financially sound, it would be good for you to visit one of the most beautiful places this world has to offer, and this is the Northern African country called Morocco.

One should bear in mind that only peace loving countries should be visited so as not to put your life at risk. In this regard, Morocco is such a peaceful country that it becomes second home to any visitor who goes there. In other Arab speaking countries, religion is a dividing factor, but not so with Morocco. Here, religion becomes a unifying factor as many tourists are told the values of Islam when they are inside the Mosques. Actually, one such value is that people love their Allah and would not withhold their riches from serving Him. That is why you find inside the Mosque some contents and materials which are worth more than gold.

During 2019 Easter Period three Christian churches were bombed in Sri Lanka along with some hotels where tourists enjoy staying. The attacks happened in Colombo, nearby Negombo and in the Eastern City of Batticaloa. At least seventy-six people had been arrested in connection with the attack. At least thirty-nine foreigners were among the three hundred and fifty-nine people who had been confirmed dead less than twenty-four hours after the unfortunate incident. Of course, many people were seriously injured with some people maimed for life.

This brought fear and confusion all over the world. To a certain extent, people who wanted to travel to Sri Lanka and other parts of the world canceled their business or leisure trips. This meant that hotel and flight reservations and other business transactions were negatively affected in some parts of the world.

However, in Morocco, the minority religious groups and their places of worship were well protected during the Easter period by heavily armed police officers in the advent of the bombings in Sri Lanka. This was an indication that Moroccans try to maintain peace at all times and that their business including tourism should never be affected negatively in any way.

Actually, once a tourist arrives in Morocco, he or she will have to start wondering what activities or sites to begin with. Before going any further, you should know that Morocco is a majority Islamic country. However, it is a delightful country to visit. One would be safer now in Morocco than some European countries.

There are too numerous sites in Morocco which tourists can enjoy listing all of them here. These healthy lifestyles tips – visiting Morocco shall be in the series of two or three articles, but the space will not be enough to accommodate all the sites a tourist can visit. Even as I write, I am at pains to let you know where to begin informing you about Morocco. However, I have chosen to begin with Casablanca.

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and one of the biggest and most important cities in Africa. It competes favorably well with other renowned cities of Africa both demographically and economically. This city boarders the Atlantic Ocean on its western and northern fronts. Some of the most likely places you may visit in Casablanca include The Hassan II Mosque, the Casablanca shopping mall, Casablanca Cathedral, Casablanca Twin Centre, Casablanca Technopark, the King’s Palace and many others.

There are actually more than three ways which you can use for the site tour of Casablanca. The first is that you can engage a tourism agency to show you around. Such an agency may take you with many other tourists in a big group using a bus. This is actually the most expensive of the three methods. The cheaper one is to rent a car and arrange with one of the taxi drivers to park his taxi and accompany you in the rented vehicle to show you the tourist attraction around. Then the cheapest of the three methods, especially if you are not alone, is to arrange with a taxi driver to charge you hourly and allow him to take you to places of interest. This method is so cheap that it will compel you to give the taxi driver a big tip in the end.

As you drive or as you are driven from the airport, you will be introduced to many picturesque roads, boulevards or streets of Casablanca. It will, indeed, be love at first site with this city with the population close to five million people out of the current thirty-eight million Moroccans.

Casablanca has many hotels to suit your pocket from two stars to five stars. Alternatively, you can find it cheaper to stay in Morocco by renting suitable apartments of which the rentals can be heavily reduced after negotiations. Here taxi drivers become handy once more if they can lead you to such apartments. For your own information, many apartments after the Morocco Mall from the City Centre are newly built and are up for sale or rent at affordable prices. They have a fantastic view facing the ocean. You would end up saving a lot of money and even stay longer enjoying the various tourist attractions that Morocco offers if you used this alternative.

One of the imposing buildings in Casablanca is the Hassan II Mosque. It is the biggest Mosque in Casablanca and the second largest in Africa. This Mosque is the fifth largest in the world while its minaret, which stands at more than two hundred meters, is the tallest in the whole world. Visitors are allowed between 09.00 hours to 12.00 hours inside the Mosque so as not to disturb worshipers after twelve hours. Situated on the beach of Atlantic Ocean, the Mosque is a hive of activities for both locals and the tourists during visitation times. Originally, the King had given one third of his wealthy to allow the construction of the Mosque and the rest of the citizens joined to construct one of the heavily invested buildings in the world.

The Twin Towers of Morocco are twenty-eight floors up and they are the tallest buildings in Casablanca. The last floor on top makes you enjoy a magnificent aerial view of Casablanca in all directions. The top most floor also provides you with a luxurious atmosphere where you can enjoy your beer or other drinks. You may also enjoy an inter-continental sumptuous meal in a friendly atmosphere with smiling waiters and waitresses ready to attend to your needs.

The shopping mall of Morocco is situated near the shores of Atlantic Ocean. It is not only the biggest in Morocco, but one of the largest shopping malls in Africa. You would buy whatever materials or items you may need in or outside Morocco. It is a tourist attraction inside and it will not be uncommon for you to see a number of people taking videos. You can do your shopping, relax with some drinks or meals and just have some fun just there.

Open markets in Casablanca are many. You will find friendly people who will even entice you to buy their merchandise. However, here is the only place where you have to be careful with your camera as it may be snatched away from you in some crowded places.

For soccer lovers Casablanca Stadium plays host to a number of international matches as Morocco is rated highly on the African continent. After a soccer match you may want to relax in a movie theater such as Cinema ANFA, Cinema Atlas, Cinema Colisee, Cinema Realto and many others. Night life is enjoyable as the atmosphere at the town center is friendly regardless of the time at night or early morning hours. People, including tourists, move freely within the vicinity of the town center.

The King’s Palace in Casablanca is also another exciting site to visit. Unfortunately, you would not be allowed to enter if you have no passport in your hand at the point of entry.

After your visitations to inland sites, please, do not forget to reach Casablanca’s beautiful sandy or stony beaches where you will enjoy seeing people relaxing and enjoying the scenery. You can agree with me that, indeed, God offered the Moroccans such scenery when He was beaming with pride about His creation. It was one of the perfect gifts He decided to offer to mankind including you and me. So, why should you miss such a great gift? Travel to Morocco and enjoy yourself or with your precious family members or friends who matter to you.


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  1. I have been to Morroco several years ago and had the most wonderful experience while there. I would go back any time and you are right that this is a peaceful place with lots of things to see and do. I was there with friends from the UAE and Bahrain.

    We spent a lot of time traveling to different sites and interacting with the locals and other tourists. We also conducted some business so we had a chance to meet some of the government officials and make some sales while there too. In the evenings we enjoyed visiting some of the local businesses. 

    If someone has any doubts they can check the state department website or the consulates to make sure that nothing has changed, but as far as I know, it is a safe and enjoyable place to stop in and spend some time at, and there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

    1. Hi Dave,

      I am glad you had a peaceful and enjoyable time in Morocco. I am planning to go there again. It is that wonderful feeling I get when I visit Victoria Falls in Zambia. Great feeling.


  2. I was wondering what to use beside tour and travel agency to visit Casablanca, because they can be really expensive. And I am so glad I found your post. The third option sounds very interesting for me. Because, I am planning to travel with my sister, her husband and mine. So it is a group which can easily use a taxi.

    Great tips!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have never been to this country,however as it is in North Africa it must have a sunny climate, which would make it an ideal holiday venue,as it is on the sea side,makes it even better.

    Casablanca is a famous city in the annals of tourism, as many famous people have visited there,with the many mosques,and churches to visit as well as the kings palace,the techno park,the twin center,and the shopping mall there seems to be much to see,

    As the shopping mall is close to the ocean,one could combine a day at the beach, with some shopping at the mall,or you could browse around the open markets to buy some mementos or souvenirs,

    If you enjoy nightlife there seems to be  many theaters, and points of interest available to see such as the Twin Towers where you could enjoy a meal,and a drink,on the top floor,

    1. Hey Robert,

      Good to hear that you have heard a lot about Casablanca and that is a nice place to visit. I hope you will travel ther one day and enjoy all the good scenes.


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