This is a post about Healthy Lifestyles – The Consumption of the Mixture of Ginger, Onion and Honey. Did you know that many rich people do not stop even for a moment to think about what should be included in their eating habits? As a result of this, some of them get affected by bad eating habits that bring about liver, kidneys, cancer and heart disease. This truly can be avoided if they can get good advice from a dietitian who would provide a list that would include three important food items such as ginger, onion and honey.
Ginger is a flowering plant whose root, ginger, itself has been used for various purposes way beyond three thousand years ago. It is very popular to the people who know its health benefits, especially the people in Asian countries and the Far East. They have found various ways of incorporating it in their diet.
Some people may be conscious of the importance of taking ginger alone without the other two components of onion and honey. It is, indeed, beneficial because it has a lot of health benefits. The Research Institute of the United States of America has included the following benefits:
1. The element of gingerol in ginger makes it become a powerful substance with many medicinal properties. That is why it is generally used as a spice as well as home medicine
2. The fight against stomach ulcers seems to be easy when ginger is used. Therefore, the sores that appear in your stomach lining disappear when you use ginger consistently.
3. Enlightens the menstrual pains in women. Because ginger quickens up the pulse in the blood circulation of people taking it, women do not experience too much pain.
4. Ginger is very helpful when it comes to reducing nausea even in pregnant women. Vomiting also lessens in pregnant women and they are slightly affected by morning sickness.
5. People with upset stomachs are relieved.
6. Ginger is very helpful when it comes to reducing cold sweats.
7. Ginger generally boosts the immune system.
8. Ginger reduces the potential risk of a stroke.
9. Ginger is very helpful when it comes to reducing to overcome arthritis and osteoarthritis.
10. Ginger assists to prevent cancer.
11. Ginger assists to improve the respiratory system including the asthmatic people.
12. Ginger assists to maintain normal blood circulation system.
13. Ginger assists to improve the cold and flu.
14. Ginger assists to maintain the liver functions to operate normally.
15. Ginger is very helpful when it comes to reducing to relieve heartburns.
16. Ginger will help to treat throat infections and inflammations.

Onion, which belongs to the Allium Cepa vegetable family, is a bulb that has been in existence beyond two thousand, five hundred years before the Christ Era. Like ginger, onion has medicinal properties and current research shows that health benefits of onion have not been conclusive. While onions have been included in the regular diet of many classes of people, it is important to stop for a moment and try to bring in more ways of incorporating it into our diet so as not to miss out of its many health benefits.
Onions are highly nutritious. Some many health benefits of onions are stated below:
1. The American Institute for Cancer Research endorses the inclusion of onions in one’s diet and exercises to prevent cancer.
2. Onions are antidiabetic.
3. The manganese content in onions has antioxidant properties.
4. The element of nitric acid makes it possible for onions to enhance the circulation of blood thereby avoiding the clotting of blood.
5. The element of Sulphur makes it possible for onions to fight heart disease.
6. Being a good source of vitamin C and B6, onions contain potassium which makes it possible for general disease prevention.
7. Onions contain minerals such as calcium and iron thereby accelerating the prevention of disease.
8. Because of the high content of fiber, onions make it possible for the digestion process to be smooth.
9. Maybe one can truly say that the biggest benefit from onion for men is enhancing their sexual libido and remaining active for a long period. In this way, male sexual dysfunction is arrested by this marvelous vegetable.
10. Onion prevents stroke.
11. Onion prevents “wet dreams” from happening in boys.
12. People with asthma enjoy a healthy lifestyle at the consumption of onions.

Honey can be collected from the forest or from bee-hives that people keep for honey production. These days it is becoming common to domestic bees for honey production. The Holy Bible speaks of the Promised Land as a land flowing with milk and honey. God gave the Israelites one of the best lands on earth and consumption of milk and honey would lead to having a healthy nation. It was a sign of abundance and prosperity. For God to have mentioned HONEY sixty-one times in the New International Version Bible, it means it is a valuable substance. People have been using honey from ancient times as both food and medicine. Most of its health benefits are listed below:
1. Wild or domesticated honey helps to lower High Blood pressure.
2. Because honey contains many vitamins and mineral nutrients such as, to mention a few, magnesium, calcium, copper and manganese, it qualifies to be foodstuff for anti-cancer.
3. Wild or domesticated honey has anti-diabetic qualities.
4. Wild or domesticated honey enhances the health of the heart.
5. Wild or domesticated honey easily heals soles and wounds.
6. Wild or domesticated honey prevents many allergies.
7. Wild or domesticated honey has anti-inflammatory qualities.
8. Wild or domesticated honey boosts immunity.
9. Wild or domesticated honey is good at nourishing a person’s face and skin.
10. Wild or domesticated honey strengthens a person’s gums.
11. Wild or domesticated honey contributes to a person’s beauty sleep.
12. Wild or domesticated honey helps to control dandruff in both men and women.
One may blend the above-stated elements or just drink or eat the mixture of this powerful concoction, and you can imagine how effective this can be. Indeed, it can be very effective not only in health matters but that would be the beginning of a good journey towards shedding off from your life some unwanted diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many others. Stay healthy all the time and enjoy the trio element mixture.

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  1. Three of my favorite things are healthy. I add ginger root to everything. I shave some in my stir-fry and always add some to my green tea. It really has made a huge difference with my trigger finger. I also use turmeric root for inflammation as well. I am a huge believer that food heals. I will need to heed your advice and add more onions and honey to my regimen. 

    • Excellent thoughts, Wendy. It is good you have already appreciated the use of ginger in your life. With the addition of onion and honey, it shall be awesome.


    • Excellent thoughts, Wendy. It is good you have already appreciated the use of ginger in your life. With the addition of onion and honey, it shall be awesome.


  2. Thank you for Sharing this post 

    Its about the 3 element Thats is healty And also a medicen?

    But can you only yuse 1 of the element only of you dond like The other 2 things or must they vee 3 things togheter

    What i know about ginger yes its a good medicen honey also. about onion  I dis not know that that vee a medicen too 

    So Thank you for the info moe i know that too 

    • The three items make a very powerful combination. It is like slices of bread being smeared with butter and marmalade to come up with an excellent taste. Slices of bread alone will not taste very well without the addition of the two items. Enjoy excellent taste with the concoction of all three elements.



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