The tallest building in the whole world

This post is about Healthy Lifestyles Tips – Shining from God’s Blessing (Dubai AND Mecca). Have you ever stopped for one moment to ask yourself why Dubai has been transformed from a desert strip to one of the best destinations in the 21st Century? Believe it or not, beyond thirty years ago, nobody looked at Dubai as a place worth visiting. For diplomatic reasons, people were duty-bound to go there and take up positions. For business ventures, nobody looked at Dubai twice. However, when God’s blessings shone upon Dubai, they brought abundant changes to Dubai.
However, about thirty years ago, many economic activities started taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has been the driving force in modernizing Dubai. With his vision of Dubai 2021, Dubai is poised to become one of the greatest cities of the world. His vision included the building of the world’s tallest building, the Burji Khalifa. It soars up to about 830 meters and partly contains 900 apartments for rent. They range from one to five bedroom apartments and the rentals ranging between $1,035,000 and $27,770,000. However, these rentals have dropped by as much as 70% recently.

The Abraj Al-Bait is found in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and towers up to about 600 meters. Its base makes it the biggest building in the whole world. Its clock appearing at 400 meters high dwarfs London’s Big Ben Clock by far. There are seven different hotels renting premises from this government-owned complex. The construction of this impressive building began in 2004 and $15 billion dollars was spent before its completion in 2011. This expensive building also accommodates offices for rent, private viewing deck, shopping malls and a parking space. It is situated next to Mecca’s Holy Temple targeted by pilgrims of the Muslim community from all over the world. Like Dubai, God remembered His promises to Ishmael through Abraham and his mother Hagar and Mecca received abundant blessings.
Why should two Middle East countries stand out very significantly in the whole world in possessing the tallest building in the whole world and the largest building in the whole world in terms of ground or floor space? Is it a coincidence that these two countries can be blessed without any cause? The answer lies in the origin of Dubai’s and Mecca’s blessing. The story of the source of blessing is well outlined in Genesis chapter 21 verses 1 to 20.

In Genesis chapter 18 verse 10, after Abraham had entertained his three visitors, a promise was made to Abraham that his wife, Sarah, would bear him a child the following year. Sarah laughed at this promise as she considered herself past bearing age. True to God’s promise, she held Isaac as her own baby boy and she remarked that everyone should laugh with her for holding her own baby in her old age.
Dubai’s and Mecca’s blessings began when Sarah gave her maid servant to Abraham in order for her to bear a child for Abraham. She had not given her husband any child for a long time since she was regarded as being barren. At last, at the age of ninety, she bears a male child, Isaac, to him. The child had been promised to Abraham when he was seventy-five years old, but God fulfilled His promise when Abraham was aged one hundred.
When the child, Isaac, was weaned, Abraham held a great feast. During the party, Abraham’s child, Ishmael, was mocking. May be Ishmael could not stand all the attention Isaac was receiving because he had not been treated to such a great feast himself. When Sarah took notice of this incident, she was so upset about it that she urged Abraham to throw Hagar and her child out of her compound. She stressed that there was no way Ishmael was going to be part of Abraham’s inheritance. This displeased Abraham greatly, but God assured him that he should not worry about it because He was going to bless Ishmael and turn him into a great nation.
It is important at this point to notice Sarah’s change of attitude. She had loved Hagar when she presented her to Abraham expecting to build her own family through Hagar. However, when Isaac is born, she does not even want Ishmael to take part in benefiting from Abraham’s estates. She even addresses Hagar as a slave girl. Further on she states that there was no way Ishmael was going to be a partaker of Abraham’s estates. Both mother and son are rejected and evicted from Abraham’s compound.
Blessings come with their own challenges, particularly in a polygamous family. All was not well in Abraham’s house. He had to deal with a complication that is not uncommon in polygamous marriages. The following morning, Abraham took food and water and set Hagar and Ishmael on their journey into the unknown places. After wandering in the desert for some time, Hagar ran out of water to give her child to drink. Ishmael kept on pestering his mother for water, but she could not find any. When the child became too weak to continue the journey, she found a shrub and put Ishmael there. She hid from him as she did not want to see him die of thirst. The boy continued crying for water, but there was none.

Not long afterwards, God heard Ishmael’s cries and sent an angel to speak to his mother. Ishmael was not going to die, but he would be turned into a great nation. This nation would be so great that it would sub-divide itself into nations. Therefore, it is not surprising that from Ishmael himself, we have descendants who are members of the Arab League. Some members of the Arab League are Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. From these nations come the blessing of the world’s tallest building and the largest floor space building. What a blessing Ishmael received!
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  1. Daily, we receive unmerited blessing from God on our lifes and we don’t even recognize most of them. There have been so many cases of surprised growths in ourr life and also business and only God has the power to do it. Transformations keeps happening just like that of Dubai and Mecca and all we have to do is give thanks and pray.

    1. You are right, Benson. Man thinks he is lucky when it is actually God who has poured his blessings on him. We should always appreciate what God has done and continues to do in our lives.


  2. God always takes care of His people. We can only be blessed if we stay faithful to God like Ishmael did. Even after, he was sent away, he continued to pray the God of his father and he was blessed. And today even his descendants are blessed and they are enjoying the fruits of ancestor’s faith.

    This is a great inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you very much, Adyns, for your wonderful remarks. God is always very faithful and He fulfills what he has promised, Stay blessed always.


  3. This was a very educational and inspirational article. I joined Wealthy Affiliates 6 months ago and have loved every day. The training and community of people to help is something I have never been apart of. It is a blessing to me. My spirits are lifted now and I feel every day has been a blessing. Just to sign up FREE meant I had nothing to lose. I believe your post will reach people who need that hope that WA provides. Thank you for sharing it. 


    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for stopping by my site and leaving valuable and encouraging comments. Wealthy Affiliate has a wonderful community with a common purpose and that everyone should make money online.


  4. Hi! This approach concerning these two cities is a bit different from what one is used to hear. Thanks for sharing your points of view. I also appreciate the alternative way of generating income online mentioned at the end of this post. I have read good reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and was surprised your site also endorses this platform. Thanks for this suggestion.

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