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This post is about Healthy Lifestyles Tips – Liverpool FC Successes in 10 Years. Did you know that the success of a person or club you love affects your productivity which ends up in your success as well? A story is told of a Copper Mining Company which sponsored a football team which won national and international championship for five years concurrently. When the analysis of the company performance was done on a ten-year period, the company officials discovered that the company exceeded the production target in the five years that their football club performed very well.


Liverpool City is found in the Northwestern direction of England. At one time the Beatles made the city famous worldwide. As the memory of the Beatles begin fading away, Liverpool City is stealing the limelight of the world because their football club known as Liverpool Football Club has steadily been gaining favor internationally because of their football skills.


Liverpool Football Club has been in existence for a long time since 3rd June 1892 after a dispute of who uses the land at Anfield. The founder was John Houlding. From that time, Liverpool has never looked back in search of trophies locally and internationally. Under the new ownership of Fenway Sports Group, the club has also never looked back in signing up new players from Europe and beyond.


Liverpoool achievements
Liverpool’s achievements in 10 years


In its quest to leave no stone unturned to achieve football supremacy at home and abroad, Liverpool Football Club has been looking to get the “cream” football players from the African continent. Names from Africa which have become household names at Anfield have included Bruce Grobbelaar from South Africa Goalkeeper), Mohamed Salah (striker) from Egypt, Sadio Mane (striker) from Senegal, Joel Matip (defender) from Cameroon, Kolo Toure (defender) from Ivory Coast. Others are Djimi Traore (defender) from Mali, Naby Keita (midfielder) from Guinea.

Other African players who have featured in the Liverpool Football Club line up have been Rigobert Song, defender (Cameroonian), Mohamed Sissoko, midfielder (Malian), Titi Camara, center forward (Guinean), Salif Diao, midfielder (Senegalese), El HAdji Diouf, striker (Senegalese).


The top scorers in the last 10-year period for Liverpool Football Club have been Mohamed Salah and Steven Gerald. The former stole the limelight by springing up as the top scorer in a debut season with 44 goals in the 2017- 18 seasons. This achievement for Mohamed Salah also accounted for most goals in a season by a Liverpool player in the Premier League era. The record transfer fee paid by Liverpool F.C. for Mohamed Salah from Roma was £33 million on 23 June 2017.
Steven Gerald was second in scoring the Most Continental goals with 41 goals. In the senior football club, he had made 504 appearances from 1998–2015 and scored a total of 120 goals. Apart from being a well-seasoned player captain for Liverpool and England, he won the FA England Player of the Year Award: 2007 and 2012. Gerald was also instrumental as a player in the Football League Cup: 2011–12. Gerald also added to the player with the most scored penalties with a total of 47.


In the period mentioned above Liverpool managed to reach the FA Cup final, but lost to Chelsea by 1 goal to 2. It was one of the most exciting FA Cup Final and Chelsea was lucky to carry the day. However, the man of the match for Liverpool in that match was big ANDY CARROLL. He scored the brilliant goal against Chelsea after doubly dribbling a defender within the 18m box. He was, however, denied a second goal by a miraculous save by the Chelsea goalkeeper.

Liverpool Achievements
Liverpool achievements beating a team 6 – 3

One of the exciting matches in the league was an encounter between Liverpool and Cardiff City.

The venue for this match was Wembley Stadium in London on 26th February 2012. Liverpool FC appeared for the eleventh time in the League Final Cup while Cardiff City appeared in the final competition for the first time. They were 2 – 2 after extra time. Liverpool went on to win the match on post-match penalties by 3 goals to 2.


The preseason matches were as follows (courtesy of Wikipedia)

  • – Liverpool traveled to Canada and drew 1 – 1 with Toronto Football Club.
  • – Liverpool traveled to Boston, United States of America and beat Roma by 2 – 1.
  • – Liverpool traveled to Baltimore, United States and drew 0 – 0 with Tottenham Hotspur.
  • – Liverpool hosted Bayer Leverkusen and beat them 3 – 1.

The preseason change of manager took place when Kenny Dalgish was replaced by Brendan Rogers on 1st June 2012. Eventually Liverpool finished 7th
in the league. However, Forbes Magazine ranked the club the 10th
most valuable club in the world.


The premier league matches won by Liverpool were as follows:

Sunday 12th May 2013 Liverpool beat Fulham 3 – 1 while playing at home.

Saturday 27th April 2013 Liverpool beat Newcastle United 6 – 0 while playing at home.

Sunday 31st March 2013 Liverpool beat Aston Villa 2 – 1 while playing at home.

Sunday 10th March Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 3 – 2 while playing away.

Saturday 2nd March 2013 Liverpool beat Wigan Athletic 4 – 0 while playing at home.

Thursday 21st February, 2013

Europa League Liverpool beat Zenit St. Petersburg 3 – 1 while playing at home.

Sunday 17th February 2013 Liverpool beat Swansea City 5 – 0 while playing at home.

Saturday 19th January 2013 Liverpool beat Norwich City 5 – 0 while playing away.

Sunday 6th January 2013

The FA Cup Liverpool beat Mansfield 2 – 1 while playing away.

Wednesday 2nd January 2013 Liverpool beat Sunderland while playing away.

Liverpool's achievements
A fan of Liverpool


Liverpool Football Club continued to feature very well in the Premier League. Along with the Premier League, the club also competed in the FA Cup, League Cup, and the UEFA Champions League.

Under Brendan Rogers, they reached 6th position in the Premier League while in the FA Cup, they reached the Semi-finals. They also reached the Semi-finals in the league Cup but only reached the Group stage (3) in the UEFA Champions League.


This period ran from 1 July 2015 to 30th June 2016. Liverpool terminated the services of Brendan Rogers, who had managed the club up to 4th October 2015. Jurgen Klopp took over from 8th
October 2015. The year had opened up with a “vengeance” win over Stoke City who had humiliated the club with a 6 – 1 defeat. It was a joyful moment to achieve a sensational 1 – 0 victory at Stoke’s home ground.

Other victories recorded in this season were as follows:

On 26th September 2015 Liverpool beat Aston Villa by 3–2 while playing at home.

On 21st November 2015 Liverpool beat Manchester City by 4 – 1 while playing away.

On 30th December 2015 Liverpool beat Sunderland by 1 – 0 while Sunderland hosted the match.

On 23rd January 2016 Liverpool beat Norwich City by 5 – 4 while playing away.

On 14th February 2016 Liverpool beat Aston Villa 6 – 0 at Birmingham.

On 6th March 2016 Liverpool beat Crystal Palace 2 – 1while playing in London.

On 10th April 2016 Liverpool beat Stoke City 4 – 1 while playing at home.

On 17th April 2016 Liverpool beat Bournemouth 2 – 1 while playing away.

On 20th April 2016 Liverpool beat Everton 4 – 0 while playing at home.

On 8th May 2016 Liverpool beat Watford 2 – 0 while playing at home.

Liverpool Coach Klopp


In the UEFA Europa League, Liverpool managed to reach the final but lost to Sevilla of Switzerland.

After taking over from Brendan Rogers as manager of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp with his positive attitude and infectious smile did not waste time to find a regular winning formula for his team. He steered Liverpool to UEFA Champions League finals in 2018 and 2019. Thus, Liverpool won the 6th
Title in 2019. The tall coach added ecstatically UEFA Super Cup and Liverpool’s first FIFA Club World Cup hosted by Qatar. What a joyous year to end the decade.

In the meantime, as fans followed the club’s victories, many performed well at work or continued with celebrations in a big way. Others could have gone celebrating Liverpool’s victories in foreign countries but were financially handicapped. This is the more reason why I recommend them to join a community that is on its way to financial freedom. You can freely join this community by clicking here here.
Liverpool FC Achievements

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