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This post is about Healthy Lifestyles – Serving God Mary Magdalene’s Way. Many people in the Holy Book (The Bible) served God in different ways. However, it is important to see how well one woman served God hastily worthy of recognition. She becomes an exemplary person to those who are serving God in various capacities today.




Mary Magdalene’s background is pretty the same as ours. The name Magdalene referred to her as having come out of the town of Magdala, which was a fishing town along the banks of the Sea of Galilee. The name implies greatness or magnificence while in the Hebrew Language it also includes the provision of strength like a fortress or a tower.






Mary Magdalene had been a non-believer from whom Jesus Christ had cast out seven demons. From that moment, her passion for following Jesus became imminent. That is why this post has to bring out her activities which make Jesus address her by name, more than he addressed any of his disciples, male or female. Christians had been non-believers at one time and should look forward to being addressed by Jesus and be singled out to attend to Christ’s activities.






According to the narration in John chapter 8 verses 1 – 11, Mary Magdalene is not mentioned here by name as the person who was brought before Jesus for being caught committing adultery. Neither is any other name mentioned. Whether it was her or not, there is a lesson every Christian can learn here. Whatever sin had mastered your life would have led you to your death because the wages of sin is death according to Romans chapter 6 verses 23. What is important is for one to repent his or her sin and allow Jesus Christ to be the master of his or her life.



Non-believers who have not been caught up in sin should not behave as if no punishment is in store for them. It is more important to have your conscience convict you now and repent than wait for the time you are caught up in the act and then you repent. Such people feel those serving sentences in prison are worse sinners than them. However, one should understand that there are prisoners who are serving sentences for crimes they have not committed. Joseph’s story in Genesis chapters 37 all the way to Genesis 50 highlights this story.




Luke chapter 8 verses 1 – 3 mentions Mary Magdalene as being one of the female disciples who supported Jesus Christ’s various activities out of her own means. In other words, she did not allow her wealth to deter her from following Jesus from village to village and from town to town. The Bible is silent about how her material resources were being used in the ministry of Jesus, but one thing is clear that Jesus fed multitudes when the situation was beyond what Mary Magdalene and the other women like Suzanne and Mary, the mother of James and John, could offer.




Luke chapter 7 verses 36 – 50, gives an account of a sinful woman anointing Jesus with oil from an alabaster jar. Mary Magdalene is mentioned in the Jewish traditions as the person who performed this kind of anointing. Here is an exemplary behavior for Christians to emulate.


Nothing is cheap in the service of Christ. Christians should also emulate King David who said, “No, I insist on paying the full price. I will not take for the LORD what is yours, or sacrifice a burnt offering that costs me nothing.” (1 Chronicles 21:24).




Both Mary Magdalene and King David received unique special blessings as they genuinely served their God with their wealth. In particular, Mary Magdalene received special blessings on Jesus Christ’s day of resurrection, which no other disciple experienced.



Matthew 27 verses 56 mentions Mary Magdalene as having followed Jesus Christ from Galilee. Some women were interested in knowing where Jesus’ body would be laid after His crucifixion. Mary’s participation in following Jesus from place to place did not go unnoticed to Mathew. She must have been an active participant to be noticed and mentioned by name by three out of four Gospel writers.




Luke records in chapter 23 verses 55 and 56 that the women who had followed Jesus from Galilee were interested in knowing where His body would be buried so that they would prepare oil for anointing His body.



The day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ was special to Mary Magdalene. The Apostle John records Mary’s participation wonderfullyMary Magdalene and illuminates or singles her out of all the women. We are told that she did not call upon anybody to accompany her to the grave even when she knew that there was a huge stone that had to be rolled away.



The second admirable thing about Mary Magdalene on the resurrection day is that she did not fear darkness at all. Nobody or nothing would deter her from reaching the body of Jesus. Not even darkness would do so.



The third admirable thing about Mary is that she was not afraid to look inside Jesus’s grave when she found the stone rolled away. She discovered that the grave was empty and started wandering and wondering where the body could be. When she was convinced it was not nearby, she ran away to inform Peter and John about it. The two disciples could not believer and so they ran towards the grave to convince themselves. Indeed, Mary had told them the truth.




The fourth admirable thing about Mary is that she did not give up easily in searching for the disappeared body of Jesus. She refused to follow Peter and John into the city to simply wait for evidence of the disappeared body. She remained near the grave crying and searching for the body.




Suddenly Mary was able to see two angels inside the grave of Jesus Christ. One was seated at the head and the other at the foot where Jesus’s body had been laid. They asked her why she was crying. Before she could answer, she turned behind her and saw a person who looked like a gardener. He, too, asked her why she was crying and who it was that she was looking for.

Angelic presence





Mary answered the “gardener” quickly and asked him where he had put the body of Jesus so that she can have it for the anointing of oil. Then Jesus revealed Himself to her and she was overjoyed. She wanted to cling to Jesus, but He discouraged her because He had to return to His Father in Heaven first.




After His appearance to Mary, Jesus did not delay in giving Mary Magdalene a special assignment which included telling His disciples including Peter that He had risen from the dead. Tell them, “I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.” (John 20 verses 17).




The joyful Mary Magdalene went to Jesus’s disciples and spread the Good News that Jesus Christ had risen from the dead and that He was ascending to the Father first before meeting them. The reaction to her news did not matter to her since she had fulfilled her assignment Jesus had given her. Whether the disciples believed her or not, she had peace of mind. The fact still remained that she was the one privileged to see the Lord first before He appeared to His disciples.




In case, you are not a believer, believers in the resurrection of Jesus Christ keep on preaching about Jesus Christ. Whether you believe it or not, they have peace of mind and are busy waiting for His return to judge the whole world. He will condemn unbelievers and throw them into hell where the fire is not quenched and people live in continuous agony in need of cool water to drink. The believers will be presented with life unlimited full of happiness and joy.




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  1. Hi! I have never seen a website like this one before. This is very interesting and I learned a lot about Jesus.

    It is nice to hear about other religious beliefs and values and learn new perspectives I did not have before. I look forward to reading more of your posts! 

    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Hi Rashaad,

      When I visited Morocco early this year, I appreciated many things about other religions. I really appreciate your presence on this site. Stay blessed always.


    2. Hi Rashaad,
      I appreciate your remarks. I enjoyed hearing about other faiths when I visited Morocco earlier in the year. It is interesting to appreciate each other’s faith. Jesus is a good character loved all over the world. Good day.

    3. I am glad that you learned something from my post, Rashaad. You can write me an email so that I can notify you each time a new post is published. Stay blessed always.

  2. So much has been said about Mary Magdalene that is pure speculation. I like the way how you have not affirmed any of these hypotheses as true. You just mentioned as a suggestion and drawed a wonderful spiritual application. This should be an encouragement for any believer. I liked your post. Thanks.

  3. hello Joseph;
    very beautiful article to attract the conscience of each other for the royal priesthood that is service to the ministry of jesus-christ. I had a training in piano music theory and I found it good to put this at the service of my cathedral, to say that each of us can imitate the example of Mary Magdalene since we are all rich in something .

    1. Hello Moi Moi,

      Wonderful news about your contribution to the ministry of the Lord, Jesus Christ. God will bless you richly the way Mary Magdalene was blessed.


  4. It’s refreshing to read about the characteristics of Mary Magdalene without being judgemental. The focus is often on the male followers of Jesus yet there were some women who made immense contributions in their own way such as this one in your well-written article. Since Mary Magdalene was the first person ever to talk about the resurrection, may we consider her to be the first evangelist of humankind?

    1. You are right, Lulu. I do not know why many women are hesitant about heeding the Great Commission. Mary Magdalene led the way of evangelizing not only to Jesus’s disciples, but to all the others who wanted to hear the Good News of Christ’s resurrection. I admire the contemporary women like Joyce Meyer, Paula White and others. Stand up for Jesus and He will reward you in a special way.


  5. It’s refreshing to read about the characteristics of Mary Magdalene without being judgemental. The focus is often on the male followers of Jesus yet there were some women who made immense contributions in their own way. Since Mary Magdalene was the first person to talk about the resurrection, may we consider her to be the first evangelist of humankind?

    1. Your comment is a very good observation. too many men have been in the limelight while women have been overshadowed. It is time we emphasized the important roles women have played in propagating the Gospel.

  6. Hello Joseph, While searching about Serving God Mary Magdalene comes on your site. I am surprised to get how well you write. Thanks for putting your efforts to create such unique post. I never find any article like this. 

    I am sure everyone need financial freedom. Your recommendation is awesome. I am very thankful to for your recommendation. I recently started my online business on wealthy affiliate suggested by you.



    1. Hi Praveen,

      Good to hear that you enjoyed reading this post. The best way to enjoy financial independence is to be trained by WealthyAffiliate. We are here to expose scammers who victimize the innocent public. Stay blessed always.


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