Explode My Payday Reviewed as a Scam with Honesty

This post is about Explode My Payday Reviewed as a Total Scam. Please, read the email which was sent to me by Michael Dee. It is this email which sparked the writing of Explode My Payday Reviewed as a Total Scam:

The originator of this email is Mike Dee who is also a member of staff at Site Support of RichJanitor.com. You should look out for a review concerning this company in later reviews. Actually, in this email Mike Dee is an affiliate marketer recommending Millionaire Biz Pro where Derek Maxwell is the Guru who can conduct one-to-one coaching services to enable a newbie cash out $4K every day.

However, Explode My Payday popped up and Meghan started her show. I discovered then that there were many similarities between the Millionaire Biz Pro and Explode My Payday. It was just a matter of copy and paste, but changing the names in the video from Derek Maxwell to Meghan Harper. Both sites did not convince me as legit sites.

As the caption above indicates that you have nothing to lose when you join Explode My Payday, I am certain at this point to tell you that you have everything to lose when you do so. Not only will you lose your hard-earned money, but you will also lose valuable time in trying to follow their ambiguous instructions and the final time you will spend in trying to reclaim your money. I do not know if ever the refund they claim about will be successful.

Meghan says you shall be cashing three checks every week if you join Explode My Payday at $47. However, once you are inside, she asks you for activation of Step 2 and Step 3 of over $190 each, which would make it easier for driving congested traffic to the automated site.

Meghan says she is glad you decided to join her, but what do you think is the source of her joy? It is simply to welcome you as a victim who has fallen prey to her scam. Once you have completed the setup of Step 1, she is smiling knowing that she will entice you to complete the setup of step 2.

She encourages you to go ahead with Step 2 as she has already set up your account. She is not satisfied with the Step 1 set up as there will be no congested traffic to the automated site. Little traffic means little money and that is why you should complete the up sells as soon as possible. This account set up she has done for you, do you really have control over it? In internet business when you are without your own domain, you have no control over your business. If they say, upon joining Explode My Payday, that they are going to do whatever they want with your personal information, what would stop them from withholding your money unnecessarily or even not hand it over to you? Beware of Explode My Payday!

In this picture above, it shows you how much the automated formula can attract traffic and make quick money. After eight minutes, a total of $240 has been realized trying to prove that by the end of the day $4000 would be paid to each member who has joined the system. However, the people paraded to testify to this are actors and actresses hired from Fiverr.com.

To complete step 2, you shall need to pay for up sells because affiliate marketers for this product earn over $180 per customer. This entails that the two up sells (one and two) go over $180 each. She then says that since your account has been set up for you into an automated system, you would soon see how quickly her method will generate traffic from all over the internet. After some time, she shows you the automated account which has realized $260.

Mike Dee has a “Whatsup number” which is fictitious as I have tried to contact him many, many times but to no avail. You can see the Whatsup number in the email and try it for yourself and see if he will answer your call. It does not matter how many times you will call, but definitely, you will hit the brick wall.

The email is in four parts below due to inadequate space on each page.

A closer look at the copy of the email above shows that the writer is part of the support personnel at richjanitor.com. Why have I brought in richjanitor.com when this review is not concerned with this topic? I should advise you to be on the lookout for another critical review concerning richjanitor.com.

Anyway, as Mike Dee was trying to promote Millionaire Biz Pro in this email, whether it was intentional or not, the email had another link and started promoting EXPLODE MY PAYDAY.

In fact, according to this email, Mike portrays Derek as a Guru on Millionaire Biz Pro as a one-to-one coach, who is capable of making you and me make $4K every single day. He is sure that he would make me financially viable if I have to join him within the stipulated countdown hours. But why need a one-to-one coach if the system is automated and that one needs only to work at least twenty minutes each day in order to access $4,000 on daily basis.

However, instead of listening to Derek on Millionaire Biz Pro, Explode My Payday pops up with a lady called Meagan Harper. She emerges with a lot of benefits one can acquire by joining EXPLODE MY PAYDAY.


Name: Explode My Pay Day

Site: explodemypayday.com

Subscription: $47 plus hidden up sells

Owner: Meagan Harper

Rating: 0.1%

Recommendation: Never

Here is my number one making money online recommendation:

Explode My Payday Reviewed as a Total Scam

In the first picture above about EXPLODE MY PAYDAY, Meagan encourages you and I that we have nothing to lose by joining her. Actually, there is no basis of trust involved because you shall have no control over the personal information you submit to her as it can even be used or sold to other websites. She promises you that once inside the members’ area, your data will be automated to special plugins that will enable you to pocket $1K each morning. She claims that those who joined the previous day have had their share of $1K each already. Meghan brings false witnesses hired from Fiverr.com to testify to the authenticity of her claims.

Mike Dee was found promoting CASH CRATE.COM. Disappointingly, only his voice was heard on a YouTube video instead of showing his face to the public. I am sure he is guilty of a lot of scams and that is why he is trying to hide himself from the public. Each time you try to pursue consistently the sites he promotes, you will find a barrier glaring at you such as this one below:

The search engine BING does not trust Mike also as the person he promotes, Derek Maxwell as a Guru who can give you $4k or $1K on daily basis is a fictitious human being as confirmed below:

BING SEARCH ENGINE boldly remarked:

There‘s several problems we’ve encountered when it comes to Millionaire Biz Pro – the first and most important being that the company constantly lies and misrepresents itself. There‘s no such person as Derek Maxwell.

This is the GURU Mike Dee is trying to advertise to you. Mike is of questionable character and so you do not have to trust people he presents to you for dealings with you. Never do so.

After all this evidence, do you trust Explode My Payday as the site that can offer you financial freedom? Please, do not even attempt joining this scam. I can offer you a reliable site that has contributed to our world a number of millionaires. You can join Wealthy Affiliate.com by clicking here:

Explode My Payday Reviewed as a Total Scam

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  1. Scammers are sprouting everywhere like mushrooms..They hide as an Affiliate Marketing company because they know that this online business is thriving. I just hope that people who are interested on this type of business should at least do a research before agreeing to pay for membership fee. They should also look for the longevity of the company to stay in the business like Wealthy Affiliate who are one of the pioneers in this platform.

    What I like most about WA is that it doesn’t offer upsells because everything you need is already in its offered package – tools, training, webinars, programs and community. I am glad that you have exposed a Scamming company. This review will help a lot of people to decide not to fall in their gimmick.

    1. Hey MissusB,

      It is wonderful to hear from you again. Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them.


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