Wealthy Affiliate Review – Reaction to Ebiz’s Facts Video about WA

   This is Wealthy Affiliate Review – Reaction to Ebiz’s Facts Video about Wealthy Affiliate (WA). There is a saying that when you want to know how a hippopotamus lives in a river, the best or closest answer to the truth can come from another hippopotamus or a crocodile who lives in the same […]

Wealthy Affiliate Review – College Enrollment Drops

This post is Wealthy Affiliate Review – College Enrolment Drops in USA. On December 16th, 2019, both National Public Radio (NPR) and National Student Clearing House (NSCH) reported to Yahoo News that the number of students enrolling into college education has been declining for the past eight years since 2011. This post discusses the major […]

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Internet Earnings can Save Poor Countries

This post is about Wealthy Affiliate Review – Poor Countries Can Be Saved by Internet Savings. According to Google, there were about 3.9 billion internet users in the world in 2017. Due to rapid growth of the internet, this number had risen to 4.9 billion by October 2019. While some people use the internet for […]


Did you know that a person enjoys a healthy lifestyle with a community when proper decisions are made to let everybody live in peace and harmony? Did you know that God is against the removal of ancient boundaries for greediness or whatever purpose? Did you know that bad decisions lead to untold suffering, injuries and […]


This is a review of Profit With Alex from a perspective of a newbie. A newbie is a person who is new to online business. From my  perception as a newbie, you are going to judge for yourself whether it is worth your time and your hard earned money to profit or not to profit […]