Benefits of a Healthy Diet – The Importance of Lemon Fruit

A research was conducted at one of the universities with about five thousand students living on campus. Three hundred male and three hundred female students were randomly picked to answer a questionnaire on The Benefits of a Healthy Diet – The Importance of Lemon Fruit.

The research revealed that only three percent of the students had actively taken interest in including a lemon fruit on their menu while staying on campus each semester. Of the three percent who were active partakers of a lemon fruit in its various preparations, most of them said they had come up with the habit of including lemon fruit consumption from their homes while very few of them said they had only learnt to do so at campus because of mingling with their friends who valued the lemon fruit.

Of course, there was a high probability that the same students who had nothing to do with a lemon fruit could not have been exposed to it from their homes. No wonder they could not have a high regard for it on campus.

Did you know that a lemon fruit contributes greatly to a healthy lifestyle? Medical experts say a person who wants to maintain his or her good health should consume about two thirds of fresh vegetables and fruits in his or her diet. Other people say, “An apple per day keeps a doctor away from your home.”

An apple per day, therefore, represents any fruit included in your diet. I pity the students who avoid consuming a lemon which is one of the citrus fruits with many benefits. You will not value a lemon fruit until you go for medical examination and the doctor tells you that you are living a healthy lifestyle because there are no traces of cancer cells in your body. The doctor has also not found any traces of hypertension and that sugar levels in your body are normal. You then thank the doctor and you probably announce to him or her that you are a regular lover of lemon fruit and that you have enjoyed its many benefits. The doctor tells you to keep up the spirit of including a lemon fruit in your diet and he tells you some more of its benefits which were unknown to you.

From the medical examination room you now become excited and you want to share the knowledge of the benefits of a healthy diet and the importance of the lemon fruit.



The lemon fruit is said to have originated from Northeastern India. Its scientific name is Citrus Limon. It was first introduced in Europe before spreading to other continents. The fruit spread to many places quickly because many people found  out about its nutritional benefits. As the fruit became more and more popular, other people improved upon it according to the flavor of their choice. They came up with ways of blending the lemon fruit with other nutritious foodstuffs such as honey, ginger, garlic. Such mixtures added a lot of fruit value to the already valued lemon fruit.


Medical researchers have come up with many reasons why the lemon fruit is beneficial to the one who consumes it in one way or another:

.  The high content of vitamin C makes lemon fruit an antioxidant. Therefore, cancer related diseases are greatly minimized or just done away with. According to researchers, lemons are much more effective than chemotherapeutic agents in slowing down the growth of cancer cells, especially when eaten as the whole fruit together with peels.

.   Lemon consumption increases blood circulation and eliminates the clotting of blood in your body.

.   Lemon boosts the immune system.

.   Presence of Vitamin B in lemons helps your heart to be well protected while your bones are strengthened. Vitamin B also creates energy in your body.

.    Presence of vitamin B6 prevents you from seizures, anemia and cardiac arrest.

.   The presence of vitamin A in lemons helps to improve your sight.

.   The presence of calcium properties helps to strengthen not only bones, but also your teeth.

.   With the presence of potassium, your kidney functions normally and helps to contract your muscles smoothly.

.   With the presence of magnesium properties, your bones are strengthened greatly.

.    The presence of vitamin E improves your immune system to prevent cancer, diabetes. It also enhances skin healing and improves scar healing without leaving deep cuts.

.   The presence of folic acid (Vitamin B9) is very beneficial to those consuming a lemon fruit or its combination with other foodstuffs or drinks. In the United States of America all childbearing age female persons between the age of fifteen and forty-five are advised to consume about 400 micro-grams on daily basis. Therefore, a lemon fruit is available to solve this problem. Other nations should take a leaf from the United States of America and advise their nations to notice the importance of lemon fruit and its vitamin B9 content.

.   The presence of thiamine (Vitamin B1) is crucial. You will not have Vitamin B1 deficiency in your body. In some countries, breakfast cereals and products baked with white flour or white rice is enriched with Vitamin B1 to avoid deficiency of this type of vitamin in your body.

.   The presence of copper mineral in your body helps you to stay healthy. When your body has copper deficiency, bones and blood vessels begin to disintegrate

.   Lemon fruit helps your body to flush out your kidneys and avoid painful stone deposits.


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.   Lemon fruit drops stress levels in your body. Your whole body is refreshed wholly.

.   Fiber content in lemon fruit slows down the digestion of sugar and starch thereby lowering sugar levels in your body.

.   The little content of iron found in a lemon fruit is enough to prevent you from suffering from anemia.

With all the above stated benefits from a lemon fruit, you, too, can sympathize with those who have found themselves being haunted by various diseases that could have been prevented by a bite of a lemon fruit or drinking lemonade.

If I were the Secretary General of United Nations or a World Health Organization representative, I would recommend every household to have a lemon tree planted in the backyard. People who enjoy a healthy diet are people of great exploits for they will not be distracted even for a moment to think of a looming disease. Let us toast with lemonade to maintain our healthy lifestyle while enjoying a bite of a lemon fruit.

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  1. Wow! Sokuch information embedded in one article. I wish had this info few months ago for my seminar. Of course I know lemon fruit is healthy, but, there are also new things to learn from the fruit, which you’ve showed her. I’m so bookmarking this page.Good write up. Thanks

  2. The relevance of lemon fruits can never be neglected. Lemon has been proved by many to heal and prevent certain diseases which could be devastating. All fruits are essential but there are once that have higher health benefits than the others and lemon is there. Thanks for reminding me of this and am going to start eating lemon. 

  3. I have known that lemons are very good for our health for a long time now. Problem is, I can’t take lemon like most fruits. It usually sets my teeth on the edge. And besides, since I suffer from hyperacidity I try to keep away from citrus fruits as far as possible. From my research, I discovered that lemons contain a healthy amount of Vitamin C, needed by the body to ward off disease conditions such as scurvy. I would love to consume lemons now that I have read your article, please can you suggest ways to suppress the hyperacidity after consuming the fruit?

  4. I enjoyed reading about the lemon fruit that is rich with antitoxins and a great health benefit to us all.  The Lemon fruit that originated in India has several health benefits.  This super-food assists the human body with healthy blood circulation, boosts your immune system, contains magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin 6, calcium, potassium, and more.  I enjoy a glass of lemon-aid during the summer, winter, spring, and fall months as I often mix it with lime, raspberry, grape, peach, and pomegranate, juices.  

    The health benefits from lemon fruit are natural weight loss, healthy blood flow, healthy cholesterol levels, cell repair, a healthy heart, and more.  Is the lemon fruit the same as regular lemons or do they differ in nutritional values?  I was wondering can anyone drink the lemon fruit from an infant age on to adult hood and does the lemon fruit mix well with citrus fruits like oranges?  I appreciate the abundance amounts of nutrients that are found in lemon fruit and I’d recommend this fruit as a health benefit to everyone I know or will encounter !  Thank You !


    Mr. Mark A. Bland Sr.. 

    Thank you, Mr Mark A, for your observations and understanding of the importance of lemon fruit. To answer your question, the lemon fruit is the same as regular lemons with the same nutritional values.


  5. Oh wow! I had no idea what lemon fruit could do. I was very intrigued by this article. I learned so much valuable information by reading this. I’m also curious how long it took you to find out all of this information? It is all very useful and i really think more people should be educated on it. Plus it’s a fascinating read! Well done!

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