Did it ever cross your mind that most of the people who visit wild safari camps are healthy people who do not have a single worry of healthy problems? Maintaining a good healthy attitude at all times means that you love your body by doing some exercises once in a while and being mindful about maintaining good nutrition values concerning your diet.


Figure 1 Physically fit woman

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Figure 2 Physically fit man


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Once your body is physically fit, you are bound to have a healthy mind. No wonder the common saying of, “All work and no play makes Jill a dull boy.”


Some people holding white collar jobs, male or female are victims of this saying. All they know is work and no physical activities like gardening, playing golf, tennis, badminton or jogging. There are many physical activities one can be involved in including workout exercises at home or in a gymnasium. I pity those who work out long hours seated behind their office desk, but would just jump into their cars and drive home to relax by reading a newspaper or watching television. They have servants at home who do the donkey work, but they only a point a finger to have everything done for them. They think it is a luxurious life style. Ignorantly or by laziness, they eventually cause their bodies to degenerate into a sickly, unhealthy body.

Figure 3 A lazy body of a man prone to be attacked by all sorts of diseases


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It is, therefore, logical that a person harboring a sharp mind will come up with all sorts of brilliant ideas like visiting a wild safari far away even if it is situated in another continent because sharp minds also attract thrilling thoughts full of adventure whatever season of the year.



A visit to a wild safari camp will reveal visitors who are healthy looking because they are not afraid of unknown diseases attacking them abruptly. There are many good things people who are unhealthy miss. One of them is what I have already alluded to – visiting a wild safari camp like the Kafue National Park in Zambia. 



Who said the Christmas and New Year Festive period cannot be spent in a jungle? Everywhere else this festive period restricts people to remain within the comforts of their town or city because of snow appearing any moment of day or night. This is not the situation in Central or Southern Africa or some other parts of the world. A simple geography lesson, indeed. Therefore, during Christmas some people are lucky to receive a trip into the wilderness as their Christmas present.

With some companies on industrial break and most of the educational institutions on recess, many families reunite after a long period. Some people during this festive period come up with an excellent idea of going into the wilderness and enjoy nature at its best. This is the time that the rainy season has just begun and the wilderness is buzzing with excited animals both herbivorous and carnivorous. At this time of the year, the grass is just beginning to grow and that means that small animals like rabbits cannot be hidden in the grass. Game scouts have to accompany people entering the park in case they encounter uncompromising dangerous animals which include a wounded buffalo.


A visit to Kafue National Park in Zambia could be one of the perfect choices of visiting a typical wilderness a person or family can focus on. Situated about eight hundred kilometers from the famous Victoria Falls and only about three hundred kilometers from the capital city, Lusaka, the Kafue national park hosts a number of tourist safari camps eagerly willing to showcase the wild life found in the park. You are likely to see every wild life apart from a tiger, a bear and a white rhino.

Inside this part of the wilderness, one may interact with a person or family from any part of the world. They all want to see mother nature at its best, observing day or night, the wild animals living their expected lifestyle of the law of the jungle: survival of the fittest.

Hippos are common in Kafue National Park and a common sight in what are known as hippo pools. However, they come out of their comfort zones and move more than three kilometers in search of good pasture. One should not provoke a hippo as its anger can go to the extreme.

Cheetahs are one of the fastest animals in the world and they are a delight to watch when they are at full speed. They can run up to seventy kilometers per hour. Their mouths and teeth are smaller than other big cats like the lions and the leopards. Cheetahs are saved by their speed when they encounter such big cats. They are carnivorous animals as well.

Game viewing of African elephants is interesting, but they are easily provoked when they hear any click sound from a camera. Some tourists trying to take a photograph of an elephant at close range have lost their lives.

Zebras move in groups mostly for protection against predators. However, lions mostly enjoy their meat and they are relatively easy prey to them. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to watch elephants fighting with lions or wounded buffaloes rescuing their young ones from the mouths of lions.


Like zebras, giraffes also like moving in groups although they are also a delicacy for lions.

Other animals of interest are crocodiles which like ambushing other animals when they go to the river to drink water.

The monkeys are a species every visitor would like to watch because they sometimes behave like people

The duikers and the deer family animals are not only threatened by lions, but they are also easy prey to all sorts of predators.

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Article on Healthy Living Visiting Wild Safari Camps

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  1. Without health, you are nothing. But many people are too lazy to do something, or they have no idea how important it is. Maintaining your health is good for safaris, but also for the nowaday life. Anyway, if you want to go on a safari I suggest you are totally fit, else you could have a problem. Been there, done that. 

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      Bravo! Fitness and visiting safari camps is the way to go. I have always loved sightseeing and visiting safari camps.


  2. I  think wealthy affiliate is giving us the opportunity to work hard and realize our dreams. And one of my dreams is to live a healthy life and enjoy nature.

    I like reading success stories within wealthy affiliate platform, they encourage me that I am at the right place and all I need is to work hard.

    This was deeply inspirational to me. I hope you enjoyed your Safari!


  3. Hello Joseph, I am glad I read this piece of article. There is nothing more important in life than our health but sometimes we are not aware of that. I will surely go on a safari but not because I am overweight (I am not lol) but because it is a great place to visit and define the body line.

  4. The way we use our body will definitely tell on our health. Human’s body is not design for long term relaxation and work. That is why we need to rest after a long day work and exercise. A visit to safari camp is not for a very fragile people. It is for people that have train themselves how to withstand endurance.It is good to explore wilderness once in a while and appreciate nature. This can bring a sense of fulfilment. Kafue National Park is a natural habitat for different animals. Hippotamu love spending some of it time inside water and the rest treakiing long distance in search if food. I will love to pay another visit to kafue national park again anytime soon.

    1. Hi Stella,

      Indeed, Kafue National Park in Zambia is another wild life camp not to be missed. Go and enjoy yourself again.


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