Did you know that our parents are the best gift given to us? Did you know that your parents sacrificed many things before you grew up into the handsome or beautiful person you are today? Did you know that our parents deserve much more than we give them? Did you know that many of us take our parents for granted? Did you know that many of us are living unhealthy lives because we are missing blessings from our parents? Did you know that our parents most of the times do not want gifts and money? Did you know that our parents just need our time and our unconditional love?

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The above questions and their answers cannot be ignored. Not even one of them. Why? This is because such questions when answered determine whether you are going to enjoy a healthy living atmosphere or not. The relationship between father and child, mother and child must always be maintained cordial. Once you enjoy a good, warm relationship with your parents, God smiles upon your lives and starts pouring blessing upon both the parent and the child, no matter their ages.



In Jewish history, we are told of an excellent relationship which existed between father and son. Isaac as the father of twins, Esau and Jacob, wanted to leave blessings to his firstborn child, Esau, before his death. Why did it please Isaac to leave his blessings to his firstborn child? It is simply because Esau knew how to honor his father in whatever way possible. Each time his son honored him with anything or any activity, he looked forward to the day that his soul would pour his soul to bless his son abundantly.

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If Isaac had looked forward to the day he would bless his son, Esau, with a gladsome mind, Rabecca was the one who had done her home work in ensuring that Esau’s twin brother, Jacob, receives both her blessings as a mother and the blessings from Isaac to be poured on her beloved Jacob. She had gone ahead and thought about Plan B in case her plan misfired. In this regard, she was willing to be cursed by her husband and that she would not tolerate any curse to be poured on her beloved son. All she wanted was her son to receive abundant blessings regardless of what curses would befall her. So each time Jacob honored his mother with a gift or some kind of work she needed him to do, she would utter a blessing upon him. I do not know how many times she showered blessing upon her beloved son, Jacob. However, each time she did so, she remembered that her blessing upon him would not carry as much weight as from Isaac, his father. Therefore, she kept on spying on her husband to find out when he would be blessing his firstborn child, Esau.



When an opportunity came for Rabecca to shower a double blessing upon her beloved son, Jacob, she calculated the risks involved and was not afraid to receive curses from her husband in case he found out about the deceivers’ intention. She boldly told her Jacob that she would bear whatever consequences herself and not her son. Can you remember that curses from a husband to his wife can be very serious. For instance, when Michal, King Saul’s daughter despised David for dancing to his God with all his mighty. He “cursed” her and she became a barren woman until her death. To Rabecca, what mattered most was her son’s double blessings regardless of the outcome.

To cut the long story short, she went ahead and formulated a plan that would transfer a blessing from Esau’s head to her beloved Jacob. What led her to do such a deceiving trick? It was because she hated her son’s two wives who were Hittites instead of Esau marrying from her recommended tribe. Therefore, she was not going to hesitate carrying out the cruel punishment of denying her son his rightful blessings as the firstborn child. Eventually, the instructions that had been issued to Esau in order to be blessed were transferred to Jacob so that he would receive blessings from his father and go to marry a woman of his mother’s choice.



Yes, I need to repeat the question above. What kind of relationship exists between you and your parents?

Depending on a what kind of relationship, you may receive a blessing or a cursing. If your relationship is like that of Esau and his father then you would attract a blessing. Or if it is the kind of relationship like that of Jacob and his mother, Rabecca, then a blessing is waiting for you. Unfortunately, if it is like that of Rabecca and Esau, you should, definitely, know that a cursing to the extent of stealing your blessing is waiting for you.



When it dawned upon him that his blessings had gone to his young brother, Esau wept bitterly and cried for one more blessing out of his father’s soul. The unfortunate part is that Isaac had been busy through his aged life constructing one special blessing composed of conquering nations, leadership over his brethren, bountiful food of all kinds and overcoming his enemies. What else can a man ask for? This was a masterpiece kind of blessings. No wonder Esau cried even for a crumb of blessing from his father despite being told that the blessing he had in his soul had been poured out already. The beneficiary of that blessing remains blessed forever. A slice of bread is better than none at all. And to show how deep and sound the relationship had been, he issued a slice of bread kind of blessings to Esau. However, that sliced kind of blessing was powerful enough to bring adequate foodstuffs in his life. Many years later when the twin brothers met, he refused to take any sheep from his young brother because God had made his provisions adequately.


You may ask yourself why God allows curses to prevail on the cursed souls. Did you know that there are certain curses which fall under the category of SILENT CURSES? This means that whatever the Holy Bible says and you intentionally try to ignore what it says, even if your mother or father does not curse you, you remain condemned by scriptures. For instance, a man or woman, youth or child is commanded by scriptures to honor his or her parents. When you ignore this scripture and you do not want to honor your parents, even if your parent(s) do not utter any word to curse you, yet the scriptures stand by the truth and the outcome of disobedience to such scriptures will prevail. In this case, God will not allow you to live up to the ripe old age because the outcome of not honoring your parents is not to live long on earth.



Another example could be Lot’s wife who was commanded not to look behind to see how God was destroying the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. When she did so, she turned into a pillar of salt. Even a person like me and you, curses and punishment can come our way if we fail to honor our parents. It simply means that even if our parents have not uttered any curse on us, God is going to punish us by not living honorable lives which can lead to our premature death any time. Click below to start earning income that can enable you to start honoring your parents with material things in case you are financially handicapped or you want financial independence. Remember, when we are living on a tight budget, we often ignore setting apart some money to buy gifts to our parents let alone inviting them to visit our homes so that we enjoy each other’s company.


It is very true that parents sacrifice a lot for their children’s welfare. Some parents understand their role while others may take this task lightly. Therefore, to be a parent requires far more than just bringing a child into the world. With God’s help, you can be the kind of parent you envision to be. It takes a committed parent to attend to the needs of the baby in the area of feeding. Over and over whether day or night the baby shall let you know that he or she is hungry. You have to provide the baby with whatever is needed. After attending to him or her, you as a parent become sure that the baby will be hungry again and similar attention will be needed. Did you know that your care for your baby is the reflection of God’s love for you? God loves you and will help you and forgive you. He will also listen to you whenever you call on Him, even though He knows that you, too, will soon be “hungry” again. Click below if you need breakthrough in providing adequately for your children.


As a thoughtful and committed parent, you will always be the baby’s best teacher. Bear in mind that the baby can also teach you something here. Just as your baby depends on you for everything and completely trusts you in every way, so your father in heaven wants you to trust him in everything. God wants you to believe all the promises He has given you in His Word and trust Him completely to meet all your needs. This is a chance to learn from your baby what it means to trust God for everything.

It shall not take you long to notice that even small children can have a mind of their own. This is where a parent has to come in and provide loving discipline. You have to teach the child difficult discipline of self-control instead of self-indulgence. One good way for you to do that is to practice what you teach. Therefore, if you want your child to grow up with self-control, start practicing it yourself. The Word of God says that no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.


No one needs to remind us that the world in which the baby has been born is full of uncertainty and fear. Many parents wonder what life will be like for their child in the months and years to come. Perhaps you may wonder about this right now. God understands about your concern regarding your child’s future. He wants you to remember that the future is in His hands. That is why His Word tells us not to be troubled or afraid because He cares for our lives and He will be with us wherever we go up to the end of the age.


If all your hopes and dreams concerning your child would come true, what would your child become? Do you dream of riches, fame and power for your child? Do you hope for something noble, exciting or important in the eyes of men? These things all have their rightful places in life. However, none of them lasts forever. Only God promises to all who trust Him a wonderful life that will never end. A peace and joy that will never pass away. To receive and enjoy that glorious life is to have more than a dream fulfilled. In the meantime, have we taught our children to honor us as their parents? If we have not done that, are the children themselves wishing we had never brought them into this world? Whatever the situation is, know that right at this moment, some children who are honoring their parents are being blessed with an honorable long life. Unfortunately, children who are not honoring their parents, even if their parents have not pronounced any curse on their lives, God knows that they are bearing SILENT CURSES which in due course will manifest upon their short life on earth. Know that it is a worthwhile duty to honor our parents.


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  2. My parents have never wanted anything back from me but just a phone call at least once a week and show up on holidays. They really love me unconditionally and I am aware of that everyday. I am who I am today because of their love and their support. 

    Thank you for sharing the story of Issac and Esau. I will make sure to make my parents happy and will spend more time with them. This is the best story to remind me that I should not take things for granted.

    1. Hi Nuttanee,

      Thank you for appreciating your parents. Joseph became governor of Egypt by being obedient to his father’s erand. King Saul, too, became king after obeying his father’s command. Finally, David was obedient to his father and ended up killing Goliath and then became king. Parents are a blessing to us in more ways than one.


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